Tom and Noelia 2009

Tom and Noelia

Nooo - Swedish visitors.... are you sure ?!

The above subtitle is supposed to reflect our friend Noelia's mental state while in Korea. A perpetual disbelief and questioning of all that Paula told her !! haha .... I think Paula will have to work on her credibility!!!

Tom and Noelia flew all the way from Malmö just to check up on us and to make sure that we weren't making roots here in Korea. No worries there - we might be a bit delayed but we are on our way home ! They came to spend 9 days with us here and although Paula had worried a bit about whether there was enough to do here for so long, we ended up not having enough time. The girls had talked about going on a temple stay, but had to save that for another time.

While I was working, Tom was dragged along on shopping trips, to get the nails done (the girls, not Tom) and, credit to Paula, sightseeing trips. After work I took him out to play table tennis, squash and biking. I enjoyed having a playmate around - the facilities are here but sometimes it can be difficult to find somebody to share them with.

We were a bit unlucky with the weather while they were here. It has been raining a lot this year, but we still managed to work around it and at least they avoided the worst of the heat. As you will be able to see from the slide show below, we had an excellent time together - while it lasted. In a few months more we will continue in Malmö what we didn't finish in Ulsan. If you want to comment on the photos, you can do so by going to the Picasa using the link in the left hand bottom corner.