June 14th 2009 - Bowling

June 14th 2009

Bowling and Sunday brunch

Back to normal. At least at work where the frenzy has subsided for a moment, following the departure of our new vessel. Weather-wise it is still far from normal conditions we are experiencing. It should be hot and sticky by now, but it is mostly cold and windy. Once in a while we get a hot sunny day, but they are few and far between. Paula isn't complaining .....

Sunday evening we had some sad news from Denmark. My ex-colleague and our good friend Ole Harrsen has passed away after several months of serious illness. He will be sorely missed .... I will not make too much fuss out of it, because I know that he would have hated that, but it is with great sadness that I write these words.

It was not until Thursday that we felt ready to get on with our lives. Paula went for lunch with the girls and I went for a mid-week mountainbike ride with Ingo. Friday we hooked up with Wayne, Colin, Jamie, Mari and Gokhan at Ballentines for dinner. Teresa was down with the swi... ehh .. a cold (!), so she stayed at home and Wayne slipped away to nurse her as soon as he had gulped his food down! The rest of us continued to the bowling alley for a few rounds of pathetic bowling! We were all a bit rusty, I think. I managed to drop the ball as I was swinging it backwards ... luckily nobody was hurt!

Me, Jamie, Colin and Mari at the bowling alley

looking good ....

... but not as good as this !!

What is wrong with them !!???

Saturday evening Carlos came over to cook for us. Well, I guess we were supposed to cook, but he's better at it, so why suffer! I did make the pancakes though, and Paula had bought the ice cream!!! After dinner and wine, we had to test Carlos' skills in the Chilean dialect, so we put on a dvd with probably the most famous Chilean stand-up comedian, Coco Legrand. I was happy to see that Carlos was experiencing difficulties with the weird Chilean slang, because I was having my own problems. But a few of the jokes were understood by all of us - though not necessarily at the same time !

Carlos making carpaccio

Chilean humour!!

Sometimes the rest of us laughed with her ...

Sunday morning Ingo and I went for a MTB ride as usual. On the warmup run, we ran into (not litterally!) my boss, Flemming. He was doing his morning round as well, but he didn't want to join us. Not even on a small flat shortcut ... we must have a very bad reputation. Anyway, Ingo and I had a very good ride, even though there were a few too many steps involved.

Bloody stairs!

One of the Dongchuk temple monks working the garden.

At noon we were invited for lunch at by Hazian and Sergio, along with the rest of the gang. Her and the neighbour dished up with a tonnes of deliscious Malay food. She had of course forgotten to tell us that it was her birthday - we thought it was a goodbye party, as they are leaving in two weeks time. In any case, rarely have I eaten so well and laughed so hard at the same time! Good company....

At Hazian and Sergio's place on Sunday

Kevin and Hazian and all the food!

I don't know if he is trying to compensate for something ... !! haha .. I just have a small camera.

Even though we weren't told of the birthday beforehand, there was still a birthday song and a cake.

She managed to blow out ALL three candles !

The hosts

And some of the guests...

Paula, Hazian and Teresa

Peo is ready for Yoga!