2011.01.19 - Winter in Korea

Winter in Korea

And so winter has arrived ...... a while back, but I have not had time to let you know until now. I have been extremely busy with work as our first vessel from Busan was delivered on January 4th and that pretty much drained both me and my days for a while. I can honestly say that the work load was crazy! We had to do delivery negotiations and Naming ceremony on top of all the usual duties at delivery time and as this was the first one ....

A photo from the Sea Trial of our first vessel

Dressed up for the Naming Ceremony - both the vessel and us !

The secretary from the Lauritzen Bulkers head office, Christina, was the Godmother of Christina Bulker. Here cutting the rope and revealing the name.

Master and Godmother with the Naming plaque

At the sail-away

My sister and her family visited us during X-mas, which you can read more about under either South Korea or Visitors. From then until January 7th ... all work. After the vessel sailed away there was a big hole in our lives ! We had spent so much time and energy on this vessel and all of a sudden it was no longer here. But no worries, mate ... pretty soon I will be caught up by the remaining three vessels and there will be not even a tiny little pinhole in my life. I foresee even crazier days in the near future.

On the 3rd we were driving back from Busan late as it began to snow. The closer to Ulsan we got the more snow we had. When we reached the central station all cars were advancing at 5 km/h due to the extremely slippery roads (and summer tires!). One truck got stuck on that poor excuse of a hill leading up to the Taehwa river bridge ! (it's by no means a "hill" - just a tiny uphill slope). On the other side cars were sliding sideways down the entry road to the Asano road. Further ahead, at the Motor Company intersection, a bus couldn't get up the "hill" by KCC and was sliding sideways and backwards into the cars behind it ! Chaos !!! It took us 1 hour to drive the 5 km from this point and back to the apartment. We had a go at the real hill at the Ssantevil entrance, but we didn't even get halfway up before sliding back down again. I just had to make first tracks !!!

Ulsan Station like you've never seen it before !

The bus that never arrived .... by the looks of it.

The Hyundai Motor Company entrance

This was over two weeks ago now, and the snow still partly remains ....

The next couple of weeks there will be no updates on this web page as WE ARE GOING ON VACATIONS !!!! Our first days off (apart from (some of) the weekends) since May, so we are looking very much forward to these two weeks in (hopefully) Paradise. Stay tuned - you may read about here in a bit ! For now, enjoy the slide show below: