2011.11.01 - Birthdays

Family birthdays in Denmark

After a quiet weekend here in Oslo we headed into a busy week. I was working some late hours but on Thursday I got away from the office and we made it to the Oslo Philharmonic for one good concert and one not-so-good concert. The not-so-good one was called "Strange News" - a modern piece about child soldiers in Africa. The music resembled tribal music, the video showed some very strong images and an actor told his story of an unwilling child warrior in a surreal world of violence. All in all an emotional concert but we didn't like the music. And we were there for the music.

Olso Concert Hall

Friday evening we flew to Denmark. My mother celebrated her birthday last Wednesday and my sister's was on the Sunday, so we could do a combo. We started off at my parents place for the Saturday. No big events - we ate well, installed a new TV and internet router, ate some more, played backgammon, ate some more and then enjoyed the new TV!

My mother with her lace board

On our way back home from a "hindbærsnitte-run" i.e. a trip to the bakery for Danish pastry !!!

Sunday we drove to Jylland to my sister's place for more food! This was also our first time there after they completed their new house. It turned out really well for them - they deserve a good new house.

Lots and lots of food ..... and cakes !

Jesper and my dad taking a rest in between meals!

Merete with two out of her three Icelandic horses. They are pretty darn cute !

After lunch Merete showed us around her forest with great enthusiasm. Nice late autumn colours

My parents have a camper parked at my sister's farm - that way they can come and go as they like !