2012.03.04 - Clubhouse reopen

Clubhouse reopening

This weekend the old compound clubhouse was finally reopened. It's actually a bit of a misconception, because it has been open for a couple of months already, but no food and no beer was served. So in many's eyes, it wasn't really open at all. But yesterday - Saturday - the band played, food was served and the alcohol flowed, so all was back to normal! It was nice to see the clubhouse full again. We managed to get away in good time and health (but without voice).

The renovated bar/cafe

The enlarged event/community hall is perfect for concerts

The band had various lead singers - this one was great!

The support was up and down, but mostly the girls kept the party going

For Saide a broken arm was no hindrance !

Still, Paula woke up today all bruised ... I would at this point like to make it perfectly clear that I had no hand in this ! She fell on her way TO the bar ! I am just happy that it was at the bottom of the stairs and not all the way from the top.

The verbal limitations were caused by the midweek cold I had been going through. I worked from home on Tuesday and half of Wednesday - both to avoid spreading the germs and to get some work done. There are too many distractions at the office. Wednesday was the first time in 4-5 months that I didn't have any documents overdue (for review), but as Thursday was a national holiday, when I got back in on Friday, I was behind once more. It never ends ....

Thursday Paula and I went downtown Ulsan on a date. First we strolled the bamboo forest and the new Taewhagang Grand Park, then had real hot chocolates at Cafe Maru before finished off with late lunch at Pop Factory and a trip to the veggie market. It was a nice day with few people around. It was also the last day of decent weather, as the forecast is looking rather wet!

A new pagoda at the bamboo forest (although it was claimed to have been built here in the 17th century !!)

In the bamboo forest

On a date !

Crossing the river - well, not the main river but a small artificial one which crosses the new park

Not sure about this .... but cow has a very small head! The Ulsan skyline behind is growing day by day.

The veggie market next to Lotte in Downtown

Friday we went for a beer at Ilsan Beach with Pietro and Ms. Lee before going to the cinema to watch "This means war". It is a really bad movie if you stop to think about it, but at least it had a few funny moments.

Today, Sunday, I woke up at 7:30 to get ready for a bike ride on my new bike (which arrived in my colleague's container yesterday), but it was just starting to rain and looked generally miserable outside, so I went back to bed. Half an hour later I got up again - I couldn't let a Sunday pass without a ride, so I read the paper (e-paper), had breakfast and calle Håvard to see if he was still up for a ride. Luckily he was. So we had a good 3-hour ride on the fire access roads - it was too slippery to try our luck on the singletracks. Bike passed the test, but the problem with a new bike is that you feel obliged to wash it afterwards !!! We were lucky though - the rain restarted just as we rolled back in to our parking lot !

My new bike

Håvard at the top of Magol Mountain.

And back down again

The rest of the day I have been a little tired ! It was a tough first ride ... But Paula and I still went down to Cafe de Healing in Bangeojin - just to get out a bit ! The rain is a real hassle when we drive. The windshield always get sprayed with paint or dust particles and leaves the wipers completely useless. To clean the windshield you need a paint remover with a lump of clay, but it's really difficult to get hold of. So I bought it on the internet and we really really hope that it will arrive tomorrow, because it's quite dangerous driving around with a shower curtain for a windshield !!