2013.06.13 - Tequila

Tequila and sashimi

Last weekend proved a turning point in Paula's life. Where she used to think herself impervious to tequila - no matter the amount - she now knows better. The root of her demise was Michal, although he puts the blame on me for not wanting to keep up to his pace .... so that Paula had to keep him company instead. In my version, you can't blame a man for a healthy respect for tequila!

With Michal at Tomo - our local sashimi restaurant

Salmiakki shots - nobodies favorite

From when Paula still liked Tequila!

Thank god that we (Paula) got Michal drunk, because on the Sunday I crashed his kite at JinHa Beach !! I was going for a lesson in kite surfing, but when the instructor announced that he was busy (we were already on the beach - one of those very common Korean misunderstandings), Michal asked me if I wanted a go anyway. Of course I did ! 10 seconds later I was face-down in the sand and the kite stuck 10m up in a lamp post!!! Not my proudest moment, but at least I am now a well-known person on JinHa Beach !! Poor Michal ... his brand new kite ripped. He's pretty cool about it though - just glad that the lamp post got me before the electrical wires did !

Paula, Elani, Zohreh and Susana are getting ready for an exhibition at the club house next week. For Paula this will be her first, so she is pretty excited. And busy painting!

One of Paula's newer creations

A few months ago we gave Alexander and Caroline a movie-date for their birthday. We have had no luck with the movies-schedule, so we decided to exchange the movies for a trip to the mini-tivolis at Ilsan Beach followed by ice cream at Icebean and dinner at O'Taco. We may not be very experienced with kids, but I think we did alright. They had fun at least ... or so it appeared.

At Ilsan Beach - Caroline may have picked a game out of her league here !!

That's more like it ...

Alexander spread terror on the race track ... and almost got us kicked out !

These kids like ice cream - all three of them.

Dinner at O'Taco - the Mexican place

Watch out, Paula !

I have come across a new bike partner lately. Mike from Perth is fast. I got left behind on the uphill by a man riding an enduro bike (basically you should not be able to ride up these hills on an enduro bike, but he still did it faster than me...). It helped a little when I changed my spare bike out with my main bike and he was on his spare for the night ride yesterday, but he was still leaving me out of breath. At least I know that he IS fast and that it is not just that I am slow !

Mike - the fast dude.

From a weekend ride with Derrick and Web

Work .... ? Still hectic and will be for a while yet. 9-5 sounds good but with steel cutting taking place within a week or so, it will not happen any time soon (like never here in Korea)!!

Lucas turned three ... party at the block !

Dinner at the duck restaurant at Ilsan Beach with Nena and AnneLin + kids. Easy there as they have a trampoline outside.