2012.11.04 - Culture

Cultural immersion

Still a bit shell-shocked from our loss last week, we have created diversions for ourselves by immersing us in the varied culture scene that Ulsan offers . Thus we have experienced a great concert by the Moscow Philharmonic (Tchaikovsky), we have watched Skyfall - the new James Bond film, been to see the dance performance called Burn the Floor (check it out on Youtube if you are interested) and last night we went to see Argo in the cinema. It helps us along.

I have been tied up at work as usual but have still found time for both bike trips and volleyball - but no squash and no tennis as Michael is limbing for a few more weeks after having his foot operated.

The Moscow Philharmonic in Hyundai Arts Centre. I think this is a clandestine photo - couldn't take any photos of "Burn the Floor"

With Michael and Agniezska at the clubhouse after watching "Argo" - a movie about the (US embassy) hostage situation in Teheran in 1980

After happy hour at the clubhouse we went to the new Namascar at Ilsan Beach. It still hadn't opened, so we ended up at Bela Moti where we ran into Rune and YongA

Saturday afternoon I brought my bike in for a service after which we sat down at Angel in Us at the Ulsan eco park

Ulsan has gotten a bit of a skyline lately ....

Both sides of the river. By the way, it is unusually cold now ... should be walking around in t-shirts :-(

This wasn't one of them, but I am proud to announce my first three jump serves in a row !!! Luck or improvement ????

Leif on today's ride. He was quicker than me on our Wednesday night ride but today I was able to keep him behind me !! (bloody youth !)

Autumn has come quickly to Korea. We still have leaves on the trees but they will soon come off.

Peo is living it up as always!

I finally got Pietro to come with us to the volleyball - only to find that nobody else had turned up! Embarrassing. But then he invited for lunch at his place together with his Swedish friends Johan, Emma and Todd

Paula's friends from the project had got together for this fine bouquet.

The Nielsen's message to Paula

Let's end on a high note - Rune in his Friday dress ....