June 20th 2008 - Street fighting

June 20th 2008

Capt. Hook and Kung Fu fighting

This week has been a little quieter than last week. I have been handicapped for most of the week, so we have slowed down our social life a little. I started the week with an itchy eye and when I woke up Wednesday it had only gotten worse. After a good look in the mirror I noticed a black spot in my cornea, so off to hospital we were. Going to the hospital here is nothing like going to the hospital at home ! There's no waiting 5 hours before being looked at and there's no pushing you around from one place to another. Just pay your 10 dollars and then go see the eye doctor. In my case - or in my eye I should say - he found a a piece of metal. He hardly finished the sentence before the nurse was dripping my eye with anesthetic eye drops. The splinter was removed immediately and I was out of there in no time. Me and my patch !!

So I stayed home from work all Wednesday, spending a lot of time on the couch with my eyes closed. I managed to watch a movie, but it's not the same experience with one eye patched !

The patch was off in the evening so I was back at work on Thursday. Flemming and Marilyn came around for dinner in the evening and Friday I was back at the doctors for a check-up. The wound is apparently healing but I am still a bit bothered by a dry and itching eye. Lots of eyedrops !

Friday evening we met up with Stephanie and Jerome at Cafe Lime. In the middle of our pleasant conversation, a group of Koreans start fighting on the street. There was no gentle man agreement ... one got his head banged against the tarmac and another was kicked in his head with a safety boot so his head also smashed against the ground. Two very severe concussions by the looks of it. Remind me never to get in a fight with a soyu-warrior ! They are mad !!!!

Saturday Paula and I went for a romantic dinner at the Chinese restaurant in town, Chai. It was our first time there but not our last.The food was excellent, and then it's easier to bear over with some poor service. I think my order was either lost or forgotten! For after dinner drinks we ran into Nicola and Ruaraidh, who had had the same idea ! Sunday was slow - the weather has been crap lately and this weekend was no different. Good for squash though !