April 5th 2009 - Cherry Blossom

April 5th 2009


Korea in Pink! This could be a good headline for this weeks entry in our web diary. The cherry trees are showing their brightest colors these days, and we have decided to share a lot of the photos that we took on today's Mystery Tour with you. Lots of pink ... now you have been warned!

The week at work was once again busy. Pressure tests in the evening and a trip to Geoje was one part of it. Loading the cargo tanks in our second-to-last vessel from Ulsan was another. I did have time to take some panoramic photos of the event though ...

Saturday I went for the traditional (?) mtb ride. Alone again this week, which was probably good, as I ended up doing more walking than riding ! But at least now I also know where NOT to go !! At night Mari and Gorkan came over for dinner. I think we managed to scare them away from future dinner plans with a seafood menu consisting of clams, octopus and salmon. I guess Finish people don't eat much seafood !!! The food issues aside, we had a great night, as always!

Today Paula and I went for a drive around the mountains of Ulsan. I wanted to show her a bit of the terrain where we go mountainbiking (from the inside comforts of our car) and at the same time go enjoy the cherry blossom spectacle. The day was really nice with around 20 degrees C and sunshine. Not too warm and not too cold. The cherry trees were of course fantastic, as you can see below.

The Hyundai Motor Company with three car carriers ready for loading cars.

Below you can see more photos from our week in pinkie-land!!