April 15th 2007 - GyeongJu

April 15th 2007



So far so good ! Work is fine, though the pressure is intensifying as we are (hopefully) getting closer to the delivery of the first ship. There is still lots of work pending and the yard is working hard to keep up. Meanwhile, the small harbour is filling up with our three ships, two for the shipping company Evalend and two more on the launchway.

My day starts at 6:30 when Paula and I have breakfast together. At 7:30 I'm off to work - arriving 10 min. later. Work is a mix of office work and on board inspections. Some of the inspections are on other yards and involve some driving. For now, I mostly do paint and blasting inspections and attend load tests for the cranes. I come back to the apartment for lunch break. It's nice to just touch base ! The work day is over at 17, if all goes well. Saturday we work half day.

Today, Sunday 15th, we drove one hour out of town to Gyeongju, an old capital under one of the three kingdoms - the Silla Kingdom. The area is a big tourist attraction (mostly among koreans, it turned out) and much of the old architecture style has been preserved. There area lot of tombs and temples, as well as a lake and various spas. We went to see the most famous temple, Bulguksa Temple. Originally built in 751, it was burned down and rebuilt several times. It's easy enough to abstract from the fact that it's only about 35 years old now though. Check it out below !!

Paula :

El dia empieza a las 06.30 , cuando Peder y yo tomamos desayuno. A las 07:30 salimos , yo a juntarme con Marilyn para ir al gimnasio y Peder para ir a su oficina. A las 11.00 vuelvo a casa y preparo almuerzo....cosa que me toma tiempo , ya que, no soy la mejor para hacer comida. A las 12.15 llega Peder y almorzamos. A las 12.50 sale denuevo a la oficina y yo generalmente salgo a juntarme con alguna amiga a comprar algo, mercado , supermercado, en fin siempre ha salido algo.

Hoy domingo 15 de abril salimos 1 hora de la cuidad a Gyeongju , una de las 3 capitales antiguas del reino El reino de Silla. El lugar es bien turistico ( eran solo coreanos visitando el lugar )Hay muchos templos , como tambien un lago y varios centros de spa. Nosotros fuimos a ver el famoso templo de Bulguksa. Fue construido en 751 ac y fue incendiado y reconstruido muchas veces . Aqui van las fotos !

Our P-mobile ....

Aqui les presentamos nuestro auto "Hyundai Sonata GVS".

The lake in Gyeongju

El lago en Gyeongju.

Paula at the lake

Yo caminando por el lago.

Paula at the lakeside. It was full of fathers and kids riding small electric motorbikes and mothers on bicycles ! Not to mention the swan peddle boats !

Yo en el lago. Estaba lleno de familias andando en las motos electricas y bicicletas. Tambien vean los botes en forma de Cisnes en el lago.

Bulguksa temple seen from the front is quite impressive.

El templo Bulguksa visto del frente, es bien impresionante.

It's not Malmö ...

No es Malmö.....

One of the temples in the inner yard of the main temple ground.

Uno de los templos en el patio interior del templo principal.

It's a popular outing....

Es un paseo muy popular ...

but it is still possible to get some nice "solo" shots !

pero es posible sacar algunas fotos que salimos solo nosotros !

The village outside the temple retains some of the old architecture - most notably the old style roofs.

La cuidad a las afueras del templo todavia conserva la arquitectura antigua, se puede ver en la mayoria de los techos .

Monday we said goodbye to Michael, who had been the head of the office so far. We had a good night at Ballentines - the foreigner hangout 5 minutes walk from our apartment. On the picture it is Peders collegues Ole, Mr. Oh, Sergei, Michael, Peder himself, Marilyn and Ms. Sun (from left to right)

El lunes hicimos una comida de despedida para un companero de oficina de Peder, Michael. Lo pasamos bien comiendo en el Ballrantines Bar. El tipico lugar de encuentro para los extranjeros. Esta a 5 minutos caminando de nuestro departamento. En la foto (de izquiera a derecha ) Ole, Mr.Oh, Sergei, Michael , Peder ,Marilyn and Ms, Sun .

Here's a few shots from our apartment. It still needs some deco for that homely feel !!

Aqui algunas fotos del departamento. Todavia necesita los toques con nuestras cosas, menos mal el container llega pronto !

Master bedroom !! We inherited Michaels IKEA bed and bought somebody to move it for us ! It's a pretty unhandy size and didn't fit the elevator. The beds in Korea are quite hard, so we've had no problem to get up in the mornings so far ! Let's see from now on .... ?!?!

Aqui nuestra pieza. Heredamos de Michael su cama de IKEA , menos mal , porque las camas coreanas son bien duras.

The "balcony" runs the length of the apartment - here the living room part.

Este balcon recorre todo el living y nuestra pieza y es el lugar favorito de Peo, sale del living y llega a su silla a tomar el sol.

Paula in the kithen.

Yo en la cocina.

and Peo in the office ...

Peo en la oficina ...

Those are buttons on the side of the toilet !!! As the accompanying text is all in Korean, sometimes you get caught by surprise !

Esos son botones los que se ven al lado del wc. con las explicaciones en coreano , a veces nos llegan aguas de sorpresa !

The view from the other side of the apartment is even better, but you'll have to wait a week for that !

La vista del lado de la cocina del departamento .

We end the weekly report with dessert !

Y terminamos la semana mostrandoles estos postrecitos !

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