March 15th 2009 - Carlos dinner

March 15th 2009

Carlos finally had us over for dinner!!!

Two times ! This is how many times I had to travel to Geoje Island for inspections which were not ready and subsequently rejected (8 hours traveling each time). You would think that after 6 months with the same subcontractor, any possible issues had been cleared .... Now I have to go tomorrow again. Third time lucky, I hope.

Friday was St. Patrick's Day at the old compound, so Mari and Gorkan had invited us over to their place just next to the clubhouse for a drink and a bite before we would hit the bar. They had prepared pizzas with real authentic traditional original etc. Turkish Salami. Boy, was that nice ! I really don't understand how Paula can be a vegetarian when delicacies like these hit the table ! Time passes quick when you are in good company, and before we knew it, we had passed the expiration date (time) for the bar. Thanks for a great evening, guys!

Gorkan, Mari and Paula on Friday.

If you look very close, you will be able to make out some darker shades in the water behind the buildings. This is the local seaweed farm.

Saturday evening had been chosen by my colleague Carlos as the evening when he would finally get to his senses. After two years working together, he had invited us for dinner. Spanish dinner ... ups - sorry Carlos - I stand orrected: Basque dinner. Well, there's no use to be beating around the bush: It was awesome ! Octopus, Monk fish, vegetable soup and dessert!! When can we come back for more ?!?! We are having seriously good luck with our dinner invitations lately !!

Octopus ... mmm ...

While I could still smile - later I had overeaten and was only focusing on speeding up my digestion!

Peder trying out Carlos' Kendo belt. This is the right way to use it, eh ??

Today I went on a 4-hour mtb ride with Ingo. We were exploring the outer regions of our mtb-kingdom ! He broke his chain two times and rammed a poor Korean lady on the street (or was it the other way around??! They are not very quick to get out of the way) while I just had fun. My butt hurts now though, but it was all worth it. We haven't done anything remotely interesting the rest of this weekend. Watched a movie or two. Recharging the batteries for next week where I will travel to Geoje on Monday and Shanghai on Wednesday. Paula will join me and we will spend the weekend there. Should be good - just have to forget about all the pending work I will have here when we return !

Careful where you step!

We weren't lost .. we just didn't exactly know how to get to where we wanted to go !

Strawberry season has started!

And the meaning of this is ... ? Where do they get it from ?? Spotted in the local supermarket ...