January 18th 2009 - Kebabistan

January 18th 2009

Web updates ..

This week we have been busy with work and web site updates ! And with cuddling Peo of course ! She was very happy to see us, eve though she was well taken care of by two of our friends. but I guess that 5 weeks is a little too long time for her to be alone. Anyway, we are happy that she now seem to appreciate our company a little more than before we left for vacation.

By sitting on the table, she shows us that she is not happy with us. She knows she is not allowed to ...

Thursday we were invited out for dinner with my colleagues at Ocean View, with drinks at the bar before and after. It was a good night out and as it was Thursday, we were actually able to play a bit of table soccer and pool. On weekends these tables are always busy. Friday we had invited Stephanie and Jerome for dinner at the Turkish restaurant in downtown. Stephanie had been kind enough to take care of Peo for 5 weeks, so we owe her loads !

Fernando, Ingo, Carlos and Mr. Lee

Mr. Oh and I were equally bad, I think !

Maybe they should have played table soccer and we should have played pool instead?!? Paula, Ms. Sun and her son.

Marilyn in top shape !

Stephanie and Jerome at Kebapistan. They are going to Mongolia in a few days, so who knows if we will see them again ?!?! (Mongolia - winter - horse riding - sleeping in tents...!!!)

Saturday Ingo and I went for our first mountain bike ride in 2009. We started out alright, but after two hours I was completely flat. I could hardly crawl up the little hill outside our apartment ! I guess the last almost two months with lots of food and wine and no exercise has to show somehow! Ingo was patient with me although he must have laughed a little on the inside !

In the beginning - when I could still get to the top before Ingo!

The trails are nice and open now. It's very dry and all the fire watch stations were manned.


Today we went to Costco in Daegu, 1½-2 hours drive from here. We go there mainly to buy cheese and salami plus a few other things that we can not find here in the Ulsan supers. But we normally end up buying lots of other things also, so it is always a bit of a shock when we reach the teller ! As it's a bit of a drive up there, we always buy goods for other people also, so it's never as bad as it looks at first sight.

Paula's first glass of wine in 7 months ! With clams

The Gyeong-Ju tollgate. In Korea, it seems that only the city of Gyeong-Ju (ancient capital of Korea) value the past.

Back home again Flemming and Marilyn came over for a coffee and the rest of the day was spent making bread and updating the web page with stories and pictures from our X-mas trip. See it here.