2010.04.25 - Klithuset

Family reunion on the beach

One year and a half ago I was made aware of a rather unusual employee benefit available with my company. We are allowed to rent a former beach hotel on the north coast of Sealand for private parties and other festive occasions. So I did a bit of project forecasting and figured that no matter how delayed our Korea project would be, I should be back in Denmark for spring 2010. So I booked the house for a reunion with the family on my fathers side. We used to always get together for X-mas, birthdays etc, but now that the family has grown quite a bit, it doesn't happen too often anymore. And there was no chance to host almost 30 people in our Malmö flat.

Enter KLITHUSET .... in a former beach hotel with room for over 40 sleeping guests ...... we'd be sorted !!

And this passed Friday the day finally arose when we boarded a train to go pick up the keys and see the place for the very first time. Thanks to the great Danish railways, it took us 3 hours to get there - to a place we can almost spot across the Øresund strait from where we live. But upon seeing the house, all dark clouds cleared .... Obviously my colleagues had not been lying when they explained the place for me. It is just sooo amazing ? Huge and luxurious. With a second-to-none view. WOW!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. As you can see, we hardly saw a cloud all weekend!