September 16th 2007 - Thyphoon

September 16th 2007

Typhoon !

Another week with little on our minds. Work has continued to cause a lot of havoc in my otherwise tranquil daily life, but I hope that things will quiet down now that the second vessel has left the yard (though not town) and my colleague Carlos' forthcoming return to Korea. I have been standing in for him and this is what has caused the biggest grief in my daily work lately !

A lot of new people have already arrived, to replace all of the friends we have "lost" lately, so Paula still hardly has time for me !! She already has the whole week booked. Last Thursday she went on the Hyundai Shipyard Tour and on next Thursday she will take the Hyundai Motor Company Tour. She is checking out the various tours in order to give better advise when Silke and her sister comes to visit us in 10 days. Hopefully the weather will be much better then. We have had two full days of constant rain now. Tonight we should be hit by a typhoon so I don't think we can expect anything but rain and wind for the next few days.

Next week we have three holidays. We were thinking about making a short trip to Japan, but we are a little late with the planning. In worst case we can still take the ferry and play it by ear (if the typhoon has passed by then ). We still haven't got into gear after our trip to Palau. I have spent far too long time in front of the computer trying to stitch together some of the video clips I took and writing something faintly interesting on this web sites diving page. You can be the judge by clicking here if you are diving interested at all. I have also added a few pictures to the slide show on the Palau page. One of my dive buddies sent us these photos taken from a helicopter, and I thought they would explain the beauty of the Rock Islands much better than anything I could ever write. They are at the end of the slide show - some are included in the diving video.

OK - this week we have only one photo to show you. It is from Paula's trip to the shipyard with Veronique, Pauline and Stephanie. Pauline arrived a few weeks ago and is practically our neighbor. At least for 5 weeks at a time - Her husband works 5 weeks on/ 5 weeks off, so they will have to travel back and forth between England and Korea.