2014.06.22 - Paradise

Casino, Ironman and Busan date

Summer is holding out on us but at least we have plenty of activities to keep us busy in the rain. This last months have held a several memorable event for us. We once again lost our money at a Clubhouse casino evening, won the compound ironman event, ate at several BBQs (of course), celebrated our friends' wedding anniversary, celebrated Chile's victories over Australia and Spain at the World Cup and have just returned from a weekend date in Busan at the Paradise hotel.

Ruaraidh won at the Casino night and wanted us to have his prize - I think we will have to bring him down to the real casino at Paradise Hotel in Busan to try our luck with the 500.000krw he won. Maybe we can then return to the outdoor spa that we enjoyed so much last night ...

Some bad news came our way also. Trygve came off his motorbike one evening and now has to spend 3 weeks in a hospital bed. He will recover fully but has to rest his back for a while. That's the end of the squash season. The hospital is right next to the Yard and Hyundai Hotel, so he does get quite a few visits and good food !

Paula also had a run-in with the hospital when she had to have a small procedure performed to her upper right arm. She is fine but has to rest her arm for a few months .... more house chores for me, yay!

Check out the photos below: