2012.07.24 - Daarbak RIP

Daarbak R.I.P.

Last week we were met by sad news. My former colleague at Lauritzen Kosan, Henrik Daarbak, died on Sunday July 15th in China. He succumbed to a suspected heart attack at a far too young age. He will be missed.

Henrik here on the right - with Kim 5 years ago at Black Sheep in Bangeojin.

I guess this is the danger of the life we lead here as expats working in high-stress environments. Many guys - especially the bachelors - live unhealthy lives here. I feel I am less exposed o this side of the expat life as I swear to my sports whenever I can spare a bit of time. Even through a very busy time at work at the moment, I manage to get a few hours free to play screen golf, bike ride or play squash. These are - together with Paula - the things that keep me sane and healthy in a at times insane and unhealthy place !!

I will let the photos tell the story this time:

Last weekend it poured, so Jamie and I went down to the nearby screen-golf centre to play a round of golf. We had no clue !!! It has to be mentioned that all the menus and instructions were in Korean. I went in 43 over par - a score I can definitely improve. I still beat Jamie with 1 stroke. Here he is making a nice save from the rough.

Brody - Ruaraidh and Nicola's youngest - came over to visit us on the Sunday, as it was still pouring down and nobody were busy !

Paula and Nicola admiring my babysitting skills! (Brody is sitting to my right - hence the loving looks from the mother !)

A rainy Sunday but still a busy Sunday. First Nicola and Brody, then Erkan, Asli and Neris, then we went over to Ruaraidh and Nicola and last Sarah and Ian for a short while. Here Ian is trying out our new (and very popular) reclining chair. In the evening we watched The amazing Spiderman at the movies with Jamie, so we were kept busy even in the rain.

Monday we had keel laying for our vessel and in the evening the Yard had invited us for dinner. As always this turned out to be a wet affair. Strong drinking cultures on both sides of the table !

Tuesday it was golf again. And with Jamie again. But this time at the Compound driving range. Still have many things to improve on!

Peo relaxing in the old sofa - the only one she likes now. I managed to finish all the pillows. It took longer than I had planned, but the result got better and better for each new pillow.

This Sunday it was finally dry so we could go for a bike ride. Here Leif is crossing one of the streams filled by the last few weeks' rain. The trails have almost all washed away in the rainy season ... buuuhhh!

Håvard and Leif at the Minefields. It was a hot ride in many ways !!

The road had washed away ...

Saturday evening Agniezska, Michael and Anatoliy came over for Zubrufka, Goldwasser and other drinks !

Sunday Paula and I went for a walk through Daewangam Park. Here is the view of Ilsan Beach where the Shipbuilding and Sea Festival was taking place

It's nice there !!

The outer rocks by Ulgi Lighthouse. Paula was suffering a bit in the heat !

The lady-divers and their makeshift restaurants. Very fresh (and uncooked) seafood

The festival event of the day was a bodybuilding show. Here you can see one of the contestants being painted brown. Check out his white legs !! We saw a couple of the other contestants also and they all had bigger bellies than I have !!! Funny!