2010.08.01 - Busan Fortress

Farewell dinner and a little sightseeing in the heat

This week my ankle was finally showing some improvement and I could return to normal mobility. This meant a few more trips to the vessel and therefore I also eyed out a few more problems. A clever man would stay in the office ;-)

Wednesday we were invited out by the Yard. They took us to a very nice hidden restaurant in Gwangalli - no a place we would have ever found ourselves, but maybe one of the best Korean restaurants I have tried so far. One to keep in mind for future usage. Thursday the site team made our own dinner as one of my colleagues, Armstrong Hong, would be leaving the team at the end of the month. I told him that he should decide where to dine, but he passed the ball on to our secretary Ms. Yang, who suggested an Indian restaurant she knew. The place was also quite nice with beautiful interior. The food was good although not over-the-top good. I personally prefer Ganga at Haeundae. Our Indian colleague-family enjoyed food from their home country but said that they had never seen a restaurant like it in India !! I guess that's what happens when restaurants travel ....

Mr. Lee. Jimmy Choo, Mr. Kim, Mrs Hong, Armstrong, Serhiy and Ms. Yang at the Korean well-being restaurant in Gwangalli

Serhiy and myself at the Indian restaurant Ayuta

Me handing over Armstrong's present - a cycling jersey and a rehydration backpack. He loves cycling!

As you can see it's not really all that Indian at the indian restaurant, but good anyway.

And good wine !! Santa Rita 120 from Chile !

Only Mr. Kim and Mr. Ryu were missing as they were stationed in Incheon near Seoul for the week.

And the traditional ice cream dessert at Baskin Robbins! Ms. Yang, Serhiy Anatoliy and me sharing an ice cream cake between us.

Yesterday I had to go on inspection at the Yard even though it was Saturday. There is presently a strike going on at the Yard, so the fitting of the propeller had been delayed one day - kind as we are (!?), we agreed to come for this one just as we have agreed to come for inspections next week, even though it is the Yard holidays. I guess we will have a few days off though. Anyway - Paula went with me for the inspections. It may have been a bit boring for her to sit and wait for an hour and a alf for us to finish the inspections, but afterward she got a chance to have her photo taken with the rudder and propeller, so I think that made up for the wait !

Paula and the rudder ....

Paula and the bulbous bow

Paula and the anchor chain.

Today we stayed in for the morning and noon to avoid the worst of the heat. This gave me a chance to finally finish the web page covering our trip to Greenland over two months ago. At three we took off in search of the Busan fortress (that's what I call it as I can't be bothered to write it's correct name of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress). We had been searching for this a few years back but never found it. Today we had more luck and managed to get a good (warm) walk in between the Eastern and Southern Gate. Not really a fortress, it's more like a Great Wall of Busan, only much shorter (18km) and lower (much lower). It's really pretty up there and I am sure we will be bringing some of our future visitors (?) up there for a wander.

Paula and the Eastern Gate

It was nice and quiet up there - probably too warm for the locals to wander around in the mountains

On the way to the Southern Gate

The Southern gate