June 21st 2009 - Danish brunch

June 21st 2009

Brunch and Vietnamese dinner

Just as busy as I was a couple of weeks ago, well - just as quiet it is now! We have one ship at anchorage, "ready" for sea trial and two in the harbour, but there is nobody to work on them, as the workers at our shipyard are on strike at the moment. I guess they don't like to work for no pay!!

The floating crane which is used to lift the cargo tanks onboard our vessels, is leaving the Bangeojin Harbor and SeKwang

But then at least we have a life after work! I think we have ... although I don't really remember what we did this week. Yoga on Monday and Thursday. And then I went on a bike ride Thursday and Saturday morning. On the ride Saturday we took one of my semi-colleagues, Jan, with us to the mountain. I say semi-colleague because he works on the Lauritzen Bulkers site team at the Hyundai Offshore Yard and I work on the Lauritzen Kosan site team at SeKwang. The mother company is the same and the yards are just 1 km apart, so we are almost colleagues! I don't think Jan will join us again any time soon!!! We even tried to go easy on him .... unfortunately, the mountain didn't follow our lead!

Ingo had changed the innertube once already but hadn't fixed the problem - the tire was still loosing pressure on Thursday

Ingo on the Jujeon Beach Singletrack

Saturdays ride - the trails are pretty overgrown in the summer season.

Except for the bigger trails. You can't really see it, but this one is very steep ... close to the limit of what we can manage, that is 25-30%

A panorama of Hyundai Miboo Dockyards, the entrance to TaeHwa River and Ulsan Port from the Yeompo Mountain.

My parents say that mountain biking take up too much space on this web page, but I just recount what I do during the week, and I can tell you that the mountains are by far the prettiest parts of Korea!!! So bear with me, please - and enjoy the landscape!!

Friday evening Jamie and Colin dropped by to use our bathroom (?!). By chance, Carlos dropped by at that very moment also. And by another completely unrelated chance, I had just finished baking some Danish Pastry ... go figure! It didn't really turn out the way I had hoped for, as I am still experimenting with the dry yeast and our gas oven. But the problem was only visual.

See ... everybody have finished their plates, so it couldn't have been too bad!

Saturday was bath-day for Peo!

She hates it and was crying like a scared baby all the time. And then she spent the rest of the afternoon covering herself with cat-goo again!!

Saturday evening we picked up Jamie, Colin and Mari and went to a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown. Next time we just have to remember to go either earlier or later - 6:30 is asking for trouble .. traffic-wise. Anyway - both the food and the company was good, so we continued over to the German Brewhouse, Trevi, for a beer or two. We had plans to continue to a pool hall, but as we are all old farts, we ended up just heading home at 10pm instead!

At the Vietnamese behind Lotte Hotel - not the Pho Bai or whatever it's called; the other!

And then Trevi. Gokhan was at a stag night in Geoje Island - we think ... they got lost on the way there we heard (it's around 5 hours driving!).

My chair was very small - I'm not shrinking!

I wasn't complaining about the early night, 'cause I had to get up early next morning to prepare for the Sunday Breakfast/Brunch, which by rotation had reached the House of P's. I had planned a Danish brunch with smorrebrod, freshly baked rhye bread and pastries, so there was plenty to do. Paula slept in a little longer, so I had the kitchen for myself while continuing my experiments with the dry yeast! I think I have now mastered it, although it took a few tries. It definitely doesn't work in a mix of milk and margarine and it doesn't work in milk alone either. It has to be dissolved in hot water - not luke-warm. I managed to get the rhye bread, buns, cinnemon rolls and custard rolls ready just in time, so they were all oven-warm when served. With what the other folks brought of cookies, lemon cake and raspberries, there was plenty of food for everyone. As a matter of fact, I don't plan to eat dinner, with all that I ate at 11 o'clock.

Sunday brunch

Preparing the icing

As it's such a challenge to shoot Colin when he's not making faces, that I thought I would post the masterpiece here!! haha .....

We've been told recently that Wayne and Teresa will leave soon - a bit of a bomb, as they have only just arrived!

The afternoon was spent updating my web page and writing loooong overdue emails, before heading out for a little walk. We didn't get far though. Just a few hundred metres down to Carlos!

A relaxed Carlos!