August 31st 2008 - no news!

August 31st 2008

Nothing ... or close to nothing !

What an uninspiring subtitle !!! But unfortunately this is what best describes out week. Not a whole lot to do at work and when the weekend finally came, we just kinda became part of the furniture in our apartment !

Paula went to Busan with some girlfriends on Friday to buy material for their Korean painting classes. There is a small shop on Shanghai street which sells the material much cheaper than here in Ulsan. And I suspect that they have a good day out .... !

Saturday after my bike ride, we went to dinner at my boss' place. Flemming and Marilyn had just arrived from China but still managed to arrange a big dinner in the evening. Most of the talk was about work, so I guess that made up for the slow week at the office ! haha ... ! Unfortunately there was a lot of cigar-smoking involved also, and if there is something that I hate, then it is the smell of cigars. I'm just a grumpy old man ...

We had big plans for Sunday but Paula woke up with a runny nose, so we stayed in and I spent the whole day trying to repair my website, while Paula and Peo slept the day away arm-in-paw !!