November 9th 2008 - Sea House

November 9th 2008

Getting colder ....

Another week has passed by in obscurity ! I have no idea how we spent this week .... I think we stayed in for most of it, trying to escape the weather,which is getting colder. At work I had a few inspections far from home, thus returning home late . Unfortunately we now have to do inspections in Geoje Island. This Wednesday we tried to do it on a one-day trip, but we were running around all day (to catch the ferry, to finish the inspection, to catch the last ferry back etc), so next time I think we will stay overnight. It's no fun getting back home at 10pm.

Friday we met up with our Korean friend Mr. Kim and his family at SeaHouse downtown. What we didn't know was that it was his daughter's 2 year birthday. The kids were thrilled with the balloons and the games, and we enjoyed the company and the food !!

Today we went down to Ilsan Beach for a little walk and a waffle !!! The bare essentials !! hehe ... We had plans to go for a game of squash, but after yoga and volleyball, there wasn't much energy left. Also, I am again suffering from allergy, so my body is feeling old these days !!

Peo wants to do yoga with us !