November 23rd 2008 - Carlos José

November 23rd 2008

Traveling Korea in the name of work !

This week I had the pleasure to spend 18 hours travelling to various inspections ! Luckily for me, I did not have to drive all this time, as Paula joined me for two days. Monday and Tuesday we went ot Samcheok, four and a half hours from Ulsan, to do a steel inspection for one of my colleagues who had spent all last week traveling, and one of my own inspections for the cargo plant pipe system. The drive up to Samcheok is really nice - it's just a shame that it is so long. To top it off, I didn't get a good nights sleep in the hotel bed. Most beds in Korea are hard as rocks (some are actually made of rocks ... no kidding!).

Paula at the hotel in Samcheok

On the way back from Samcheok I was notified that I had an inspection on Geoje Island the next day. This is four hours from Ulsan, car and ferry. So Wednesday and Thursday I was on Geoje Island doing a cargo plant pipe inspection. In this hotel room my allergy really blossomed !! Happy to be back in my own bed with my wifey on Thursday evening !! Unfortunately this kind of traveling will be more the rule than the exception from now on, with the building process picking up speed the next couple of months.

Saturday i went on a long bike ride with Ingo. It is getting cold and for the first time I had to put on a jacket and long trousers for our ride. We were away three and a half hour, even though we only covered 40km. It doesn't sound of much, but I can tell you that the legs feel the punishment today !!

Ingo was also dressed for the cold weather

Me getting ready to scream down the stairs !

Below is a movie from Saturdays ride:

In the evening Carlos and Jose came by for dinner. Carlos had spent the morning cooking (according to himself!) and Paula had made a delicious lasagna. Jose brought us a plant and I opened the wine. That way we all had our roles to play !

Today we had plans to stroll around our neighborhood, but Paulas ankle is a bit sore and my allergy is anoying the h*** out of me, so we stayed in, made each other a bath in the tub, drank lots of hot chocos and watched the movie "Flammen og Citronen" ("The Flame and the Lemon" - somewhat more catching in Danish !). Good movie..

Paula and Peo enjoying the movie !