2011.08.30 - Cottage life

Norway Fjord - from the sea and from the shore

This week brought on two nice outings to other parts of the Oslo Fjord than what we normally see.

Thursday I went on a cruise with my work. The sports club (?!) had rented an old sailing boat turned into tourist cruiser. The weather was not all that great but with a tarpaulin you can deal with a bit of rain. The trip through the islands were still amazing. At least for a Dane like me - it seemed that the Norwegians had seen it all before as they were more into singing, drinking and playing miming games ! I guess that the surroundings were more exotic for someone like me :-)

Me at the top of Oslo Fjord - on Tjuvholmen where we currently live

Heading out on Vollen - no sails set.

But dark clouds were gathering

It didn't urn out too bad though. And the scenery was fantastic!


And games ....

Back again - in the rain.

At lunch at work on Friday we were talking about our plans for the weekend. When I said that we were thinking about going out of town on a train mystery tour, we were recommended either to go up to Lillehammer for the MTB race Birken or down to Soon for Hollænderløbet - a yearly regatta. When Sølvi suggested that we could rent one of the company cottages, the decision was easy. So Saturday we took the train the 50km down to the station in Son, where Sølvi picked us up and drove us over to the cottage.

What a place ! Opposite the cute town of Son we had a clear view of the harbour and the yachts returning from the regatta. The cottage with 4 bed rooms was a little big for the two of us, but perfect size for Peo. She is on an antibiotic treatment at the moment (eye infection), so we couldn't leave her at home - lucky her ! She is not used to spending time outdoors but she soon got the hang of it. She even forgot to eat ! And that doesn't happen very often!

Prepare for a lot of cat-photos - now you have been warned...

Looking across from Son. Our cottage was the big grey one on the cliff.

Dressed for rain - the story of our lives !

Paula in Son - a quaint little town full of galleries.

i believe this is in front of the Inn.

For a Dane, this is a pretty strange sign: "Drive carefully - living kids at play" !!! It's gotta mean something different in Norwegian ?!?!

Had to restrict Peo a little - she was after all new to this thing!

Check out the UFO coming at me....

Son and a stolen but re-found boat at anchor in the bay. Son was a place where the Dutch came to pick up timber and the town still shows a little Dutch influence, I think.

Paula and our fantastic view.

When the boats come in .... as in the song ???

The tent was ready for the party. we didn't go in to town as we can get all the party we want on Aker Brygge. Every day! For us the attraction was something different.

More boats coming in. Apparently up to 400 boats participated but I don't think they all returned to Son. But a lot did.

PEO !!!!

Some walk their dog - we walked (and ran) our cat !

She tried to climb ....

...... but that didn't work out too well!

....so she tried to jump instead.

waiting for Peo to go to the bathroom - the big one.

This is what Son looked like at night - on the biggest party of the year!

Another cottage area next to ours. There are some pretty nice cottages there ....

Both Paula and Peo had a tiresome weekend !