August 2nd 2008 - Marilyn B-day

August 3rd 2008

Recovering ...

This week has been all about recovering. Recovering the lost sleep and recovering the daily routing of coming home for lunch and playing squash in the evening. And recovering the routines in the office, where some work had been pushed aside because of the more important gas trial.

Yesterday Marilyn celebrated her birthday with a great feast, as usual ! There was enough food to feed a small army - the Marilyn way !

Tonnes of food ...

This morning I had planned a mountain bike ride with Ingo, but when I got up at 7 it was dripping a little and it looked pretty black. So we canceled it. The trails get pretty dangerous when wet and how much fun is it to get caught in a torrential downpour hours away from your home anyway ??!!?? So I connected to the internet and started chatting with our friend Lisa in Denmark .. for almost 3 hours !!! Spoiled her nights sleep !!!