July 30th 2007 - Tea House

July 30th 2007

Pottery village and ear aches

A little delayed and with little to tell ! It's warming up here and putting a damper on our sense of adventure. On top of that Paula has had an ear ache (after spending 1½ hours in the pool one day!), so we have mostly been chilling out at home, watching Gilmore Girls (too much Gilmore Girls, if you ask me).

We are babysitting Lucky this week - some of our friends kitten. Unfortunately he's pretty scared of us still, and I have only succeeded in getting him out to play once. Most of the times we go there he is hiding - and hiding well! We have also been babysitting fish this week - we are not sure if they have names. And lastly Paula will be babysitting plants this coming week. It's yard holiday these weeks, so many of our friends are away. We are still here, as our yard only stays closed 3 days. Well, in fact they don't close down completely, so some of us will have to work through. Not me though... we were planning a trip to Seoul, but now we've heard that it's a scorching 40 degrees up there - enough information to make us change our minds. So now it's a trip around southern Korea instead, so we can retreat to the cars aircon if we start melting in the sun.

I worked all Saturday - we had to weigh the ship. I was still tired when I woke up Sunday, but luckily Paula insisted that we went for a drive. I think she knew I'd feel bad if I wasted my only day off in front of the telly. So we drove off to the mountains. On the way back we ran into a heavy thunderstorm. It came out of nowhere but boy, did it come down ! Raining cats and dogs !!!

Here at the end of the rainy season we see a bit of everything. Only common denominator is the humidity. Here is a morning view from our living room.

Aqui pueden ver como amanecemos....una humedad impresionante. Aqui son las 07.30 am.

Oegosan Pottery village. Mostly it was Kimchi jars that were up for sale, but we were able to find the occasional jack-O lantern !!

Degosan es un pueblito donde hacen cosas de greda .

A cool spot in the mountains !!

Super chora esta casa en plena montaña y con el tremendo arbol tapandole el sol.

We stopped at a restaurant/teahouse that I have had my eyes on for a few months.

Nos tomamos un te en este restaurant/casa de te. Super lindo , Peder lo habia visto en uno de los viajes a la fabrica 2 de su oficina.

The tea was good but ...

El te era super bueno pero....

... the decor won the prize ! Notice the carved face on the pole to the left and the bridge over an artificial pond in the foreground.

...La decoracion gano todo premio. La casa esta hecha de barro y maderas. Muy linda.

My unbaked bread. I went to buy rye flour from the bakery across the street and had to promise him to show him the bread when it was done. Then today I went over there with a few slices of bread. He was well impressed and wanted me to show him tricks of the trade !! No problem - I'm honored to be an ambassador of danish bread and pastry. Peder - the pastry ambassador ...

Aqui Peder haciendo su pan. Lo mejor es que en la panaderia de la esquina de nuestro depto. le pidieron si podia ir a enseñar a hacer este pan. Peder fue a comprar harina y termino dandole consejos al panadero.

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