December 23rd 2007 - Kimchi X-mas

December 23rd 2007

Approaching Christmas ...

Another quiet week here in Korea. Many of our friends and colleagues have left for X-mas and I have been down with another allergy attack. By chance Paula heard from her friend Isobel that a antihistamine tablet works wonders for her allergy, so I tried this out when all other had failed. It kicked in after about half an hour but also knocked me out ! I slept like a baby for the first time in days ! I will need it as work will be pretty hectic these next two weeks, with the low staff in our office.

Friday Paula met up with a couple of friends to do a Korean cooking class. As long as she doesn't have to make kimchi in our kitchen (or bring it into our house, for that matter) ! Kimchi is fermented cabbage, usually outrageously spicy and smelly, and the Korean stable diet. It's not bad once you get over the smell and the burning sensation. Speaking of food, we have bought a turkey (a major accomplishment) and will have two friends over for Christmas dinner tomorrow. I have not been in the mood to make all the traditional X-mas goodies, but I guess that with over 4 kilos of turkey for 4 people, we don't really need the cookies !

We also sent a X-mas card to most of our friends. If you are not in our address book, you can see the card by clicking here.

So, all that is left to do is to wish all of you a Merry Christmas !

There's not very much X-mas atmosphere here ! And luckily not much X-mas crowds on the streets.

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