June 28th 2008 - Rain en mas

Our Korea Diary - June 28th 2008

Rainrainrainrainrainrainrainrain ......... etc.

It just keeps on raining here ... and it's not even the rainy season yet. We are now finishing another very quiet weekend, barricading ourselves in our apartment to avoid the rain. Yesterday it literally poured down all day. So no mountain biking - only squash !

On Wednesday Paula went to Costco with Mrs. Sun (our agents wife), Marilyn and Stephanie. Costco is an American supermarket in Daegu, about one and a half hours drive from here. It is the place to go to for cheese and good meat. The quality is better than what we can get around here and in most cases, Paula finds lots of things that are just not available in Ulsan. So I was in for a treat in the evening ! I love it when she has been to Costco. Unfortunately for me she only goes there once every two months.

We had a sea trial planned for Thursday, but Wednesday afternoon we were told that it had been delayed. We had figured that out already, but we just can't get any information out of the shipyard. They are so pressed by the CEO that nobody dares to come out with revised dates even though everybody can see that they can never live up to their schedule. So now the sea trial is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The weekend ... well I already told you it has been slow. We have played squash, watched movies and today we met up with Pauline for a hot chocolate at Cafe Lime. I have worked a little on my web site, so that it now includes a section for mountain bikers in Ulsan with photo album, calendar and maps. And I have also laid last hand on this months article for FLIK and baked bread for my daily lunches with Paula.

I hope this weather will change soon - it reminds me of Valdivia, Chile ...!