December 4th 2008 - Paula B-day

December 4th 2008

Another year older ....

Just a quick entry to document Paula's birthday celebration, before we scoot off to Chile for X-mas!

Tuesday was Paula's 36th birthday and we celebrated it by inviting my colleagues and a few friends over for coffee and cake. Paula and Marylin had spent the day at the bank and at the bakery, so in the evening we were ready with a bunch of treats for our invitees. It was a nice mid-week gathering and a nice way to say Merry Christmas and so long to friends before leaving for Chile this Saturday.

The day started out pretty spectacular ...

... and only got better when I came home with these flowers at lunch time.

Fernando, Jerome, Stephnie, Paula and Carlos discussing whether San Sebastian or Bilbao is the nicer city !

Ingo, Flemming, Marilyn (with her new curly hair-do) and our colleague-to-be, Claudio. He will join us permanently in February.

Even Serhiy turned up. I think to sweeten up Paula, because he brought flowers and TWO presents. He is worried that he might be her enemy no. 1, as he always steals me away for volleyball or table tennis at impossible weekend hours and leaves me half cribbled afterwards!

Even Peo took part in the party !

And a short video: