South Korea

South Korea


Third time ...

Back once again. Our third stay in Korea is scheduled to be 20 months in Ulsan - together with a bunch of Norwegians !

Back in Korea

This is our second time around. We have returned to Busan (and later Ulsan) for another stint of 11 months, arriving here at the start of the rainy, hot and humid season! A week into the trip we still haven't seen too much of the heat though....

Read more about our adventures under the Korea section.


Last (expected) visitor of our stay in Korea was Bernie, an old buddy (although he didn't think so !) from Utila, Honduras. He stopped by for a short while on his way from Hokkaido to Seoul (he didn't take the shortest route). Read about it here.

Return from holidays

We returned from Tibet just in time for the Korean Thanksgiving, meaning only a couple of days work before I could plant my butt on the couch and relax for another 4 days!! Well, in fact we have spent the time organizing all our photos from Tibet and writing up a little story for this web page. The photos are published under the photo album on or Paula's Facebook profile as well as on houseofps.