September 6th 2009 - Bike crash

September 6th 2009


Sitting here in the couch with my laptop, one event from the week passed is overshadowing the rest. Unfortunately this one event has booked our whole weekend and have left little room for adventure. On the last descent of my Saturday bike ride I got a little too adventurous, drove the front wheel off the trail and myself over the handlebars. Auuch ... that hurt!

It started out good ...

A beautiful day and nice views from the mountain above the Turkish soccer field

Then closer to home for more spectacular views

And a few photo shoots ...


...where did he go ????

Oh ... there he is!! Before I noticed the pain! That was the last time I raised my right arm above my shoulder this weekend!

I was able to scramble down the mountain and the 6 km home but from there on it was all pain! So Paula has been pampering me and I have been totally useless all weekend! As far as I can see nothing is broken so I guess I can be healed before we are off to Tibet next Saturday. Paula will not forgive me if I am not !!!

Before crashing out I was able to play a bit of table tennis with Serhiy (a bit being Tuesday and Friday). We have found a place to play within walking distance, which makes it a little easier to get out of the door. Before we had to drive about half an hour to play, so naturally I had only gone once, lazy as I am. Anyway, with my present old man's body and Serhiy's leaving for China on Saturday, I guess we might have played our last game for a while.

Paula had a busy week with trips to the supermarket and bank with Jade the neighbour, baking bread and getting lunch ready for Fernando and me on Monday and a trip to Busan on Friday. Thursday we went over to Mari and Gokhan's for movie night. The ugly truth ... a good hour and a half spent without experiencing too much brain-strain! But a good laugh.

Our memory card for the camera died during the week, so we don't have much photos to show. Better now than when we are inTibet! Anyway - that's the reason why you are only getting Ingo's photos from Saturday's bike ride.