2013.02.04 - Cold spell

Cold spell in Korea

Well - there was a cold spell but now we are back to normal again for a week or so and then it will be cold for Lunar New Year again. So will have to do this web page while I am still thawed out!

Paula and I have picked up the sports activities again. Squash, ping pong, biking, volley and even some Sunday hiking is on my weekly schedule while Paula adds belly dancing, zumba and pilates during the day time. Our old bodies are aching ! But slowly we start feeling a difference - a change for the better. Hopefully we will be fit for a couple of days skiing this coming weekend, when we go to Yongpyeong for snowboarding/skiing.

I will let the photos speak for themselves this time, as I am too tired to write much (still busy at work .... will it ever end ?!?!?).

Peo and her best friend Dawn!

A few weekends ago Michal and Agniezska invited us for birthday-snacks at their place. Turned out to be a bit of a feast with loads of good food/snacks and plenty of vodka !

Nobody left their place hungry that evening!

Special import vodka and raspberry juice - double-layered bliss!

Next day Paula and I went on a mystery hike starting at Munzu stadium

I wanted to check out a - for us - unknown mountain ridge in town and to our amazement we found a 17km long trail running running along the whole south-west part of town

We didn't do the full length of the trail, but we did make it more than halfway to TaeHwa Hotel and got some great views of the river and Bamboo forest

Bamboo forest to the right across the river. The children's temple below us

In Scandinavia we bake when it gets too cold to leave the house. So I made a blueberry tart, yogurt and Danish rye bread!

In the evening we met Tyson in the club house. He was worth a photo as this is the first time we have seen him in a suit. Not a common sight - he was off to Burns Night

We had got to know Ana from Croatia at one of Pietro's dinner invitations one day, so Paula arranged to meet all the other Croatians for coffee at the club house. Ana and her husband Stewart on the right.

Been treated well by the Croatians this month. Viera and Marin had us over for some very very good pizza one evening.

Ready for a sub-zero bike ride. Me, Rolf and Olav - my colleagues. Leif is away on a long vacation - that explains his absence.

On the scenic route circumnavigating Mount Muryong

And at the end of it we decided to ride up to the top also. This is a seriously steep road!

But the views are amazing. What you see here is our usual playground. The river to the right and the ocean in the background. Rolf is giving his last behind one of the bushes....

Panorama towards Nammok/Bangeojin from Mount Muryong

It's cold even when we play squash ! Here with Pero from Croatia

It did get warm soon enough though !

This weekend it had warmed up some - after the rains. Paula and I went for coffee at Ilsan Beach

.... but only after the weekly bike ride

This photo in summer would just be green on green. I like the winter in the forest because it is possible to actually see where you are going and where you are. In summer it gets really thick.

And this is how they destroy our backyard mountain ... Buuuh ! The tunnel from Mibo will end here

Saturday evening: Sashimi with Michal and Agniezska. Sunday: Indian with José. Love the food options we have here now!

Drinks and cake (home made by Paula and Agniezska) at our place with Jamie on Saturday. The Polish vodka wins hands down over the Danish schnapps and the Chilean pisco!

Ulalala ... does Dawn have a bit of competition here ??!!!

Asli, Erkan and Neris came over for cake and coffee Sunday - don't see so much of them even though we are almost next-door neighbours. That comes with parenthood, I guess.