2010.03.28 - Pregnant Heini

Catching up with Heini and Sean

You may have deducted from the lack of updates here that our lives are less exciting now compared to the past three years. Off the record (if there is such a thing on a web page) - you're right. There is one light in the distance though, as the snow has now finally melted and we have already seen two-digit temperatures. Two-digits temperatures which didn't require gloves, hats, boots and snowploughs, that is! So we are confident that things are looking up after a difficult return to Scandinavia.

Anyway - what's good here is that we can catch up with some of our friends. We have been hanging out with Tom and Noelia, visiting Sean and Heini and their unborn son and had a visit from Youngae and Imy with their daughter. Other than that I have visited Mette and Ole in Copenhagen and caught up with my former study mates, Anders and Niels - also in Copenhagen. Anders showed us a little Nepalese/Tibetan restaurant near Nyhavn which I will be sure to show Paula one day.

Tom giving Peo a little TLC

Uncle Tom wants YOU!

Paula and Noelia

Imy, Youngae and Chae Lin came over for a coffee

She'a a cutie !!

Any day now, Heini ....

They look ready...

We have also played badminton a few times. Last time was together with Tom and Noelia and all agreed that we should stick with it. Hopefully we will ...

Spent some time cleaning windows and closets. Came across my old dive Tees - a few of them will have to go soon. A few of them left today, actually. They were pretty old. Malawi, Zanzibar, Honduras, Egypt and two time Malawi from left to right and top to bottom.