November 30th 2008 - Children's temple

November 30th 2008

Digging a hole ......

For the second consecutive month the municipality is doing their best to spend this years budget before it is too late ! The digging around here is impressive and I am sure the different departments have a competition going regarding who can make the most disruption of our, the citizents, lives ! If it is not the sewage guys ruining the streets it's the pavement folks. And forget about Korean organization .... ! Every hole has to be dug, then covered and left for a week before it has to be re-dug. And so on. Every day I have to find a different route home from work.

The "Childrens Temple" as we have named it !

We don't normally see such paintings on the other temples

Paula in front of a fine example of the autumn colors.

This week I was preparing two articles for the local expat magazine. As we are going on a five-week vacation starting on Saturday, I had to finish both December and January's contribution. They are pretty small articles and the biggest issue is to keep the size down to one or two pages!

Tuesday Marilyn invited us for lunch. And as Marylin loves to party, she had also invited 20 other people !! And made food for 60 !!! haha .... ! You never leave with an empty stomach from that house. Or a bad spirit, for that matter.

Lunch is ready !!!!

Marilyn and Ms. Sun.

Yesterday Paula and I went to the bike shop. My bike need a service, so we left it there and headed over to the other side of the river to a temple Paula had spotted. It turned out to be a children's temple. It was very different from the other temples and the inside didn't look like a temple at all. But we reckon it was a temple anyway. We had plans to do more sight seeing, but the weather was not very agreeable. It was cold and windy - a bit like Malmö but without the rain !

On a windy day it is nice to get back under the blanket. Peo acting as the heating coil !

Today was much better, so we went down to H Cafe at Ilsan Beach after my volley game. My lunch was a big nutritious waffle with ice cream ! And then up to the Brazilian Training ground. This is only the second time in almost two years that I have succeeded in getting Paula up there (?!). I go there on almost every bike ride. The view was fantastic today in the clear winter weather.

Peder and his lunch at Cafe H.

Paula at the Yeompo view point near the Brazilian training ground.

Ahhh ... aren't they sweet ???!!!