May 25th 2008 - Tim & Lori

May 25th 2008

The start of a new bowling season ??

This has been one of the quiet weeks. The weather has been a bit mixed and when it was good, we were too lazy to appreciate it !! I guess it is allowed to be lazy from time to time ...

But then again, this was the week when we went to play squash 3 times and bowled one time. So I guess the week wasn't all that quiet after all but only feels quiet because I have very little to tell you. Paula and I went to the gym three evenings after work to play squash. Apart from the daily ups and downs on the ship, I have done very little exercise lately, so I was more than happy when Paula suggested that we should start playing squash. My bicycle has been parked on the staircase for over a month now, so I should get that out for a ride soon also. When I stop feeling lazy !

Wednesday we went bowling with Jin and Minsu. It is almost a year ago that we bowled regularly, but we are hopeful that we will be able to get a bunch of expats together for a weekly bowling evening. It's good fun even though we are crap bowlers ! Friday Stewart had invited us over for pancakes and wine and Saturday we were invited for Spanish cuisine by my colleague Carlos and his friends, Jose and Laura. Today we met up with some friends of friends, who were in the area sightseeing. We had a very nice walk around Ilsan beach and ended the evening in our favorite seafood bulgogi restaurant. So you see, it has been a social week - full of good food and good company. Some other time, we will go on exploring again !

Paula with Jose, Laura and Carlos after a wonderful evening with excellent food, company and Gin Tonics !!

Our friends in Korea did not believe us when we told them about the booted Korean dogs. Well, here's the proof !!!

Tim and Lori had brought their dog, which made us an even bigger attraction with the locals than we normally are !

In front of the Ulgi Lighthouse with the setting sun behind us.

Paula and Lori at the restaurant

Tim and me after a big seafood platter.