2013.09.07 - Peo on IV

Peo on IV

After our trip to Denmark it didn't take long before Gunsan was calling. Our project have kicked off over there, so I now need to go there about once every month. Michal has started with our company, so for this first time for him, we decided to go together. The girls jumped on the wagon and all of a sudden we were a full car. Uneventful trip there (close to 5 hour driving) followed by work for the guys and sightseeing for the girls. Gunsan is fairly small, so by the second day there were no more sights to visit apparently ! Except for the islands, but it was too warm for a trip there. I don't know - for me it was all shipyard and one (very nice) trip to a good Italian lakeside restaurant.

The first day the girls visited this Japanese temple

So we know that Gunsan has at least one fine attraction.

Dinner at the lakeside restaurant Paradiso Perduito. Very very nice restaurant. It was a treat to be able to dine outdoors - not very common in Korea.

Church/bar - strange combination in downtown Gunsan

An old traditional Japanese house that the girls visited

A look into old Japanese style indoor decoration

Eunpa Lake

While we were away Peo had gone on a hunger strike. This is highly unusual for her. Food is her temple...

So we brought her to the vet after work. Only in Korea will the vet attend you at 19:00 and spend 1 hour of his overtime doing blood tests and examinations. He didn't find anything unusual, so we brought her back home. Another day passed without improvements, so back to the vet Friday lunch time. This time she got the full treatment, meaning X-ray followed by IV ! We had to leave her there until 19:00 .... Paula's heart almost broke there and then!


In the evening we went back but only very little liquid had passed, so the vet wanted to keep her for the night. Not something that would work for us, so we brought her home for the night and then back again in the morning for another 7 hour-session. We still don't know for sure what was wrong other than some slightly infected gums, but after the IV she was back to normal. Still the vet mixed some antibiotics with a bit of appetite stimulus for a week-long treatment. That almost drove us insane over the weekend!!! Those of you who know Peo know that she does not normally lack appetite. Well - with the stimulus she was unbearable, begging food CONSTANTLY. The first thing she would be do after finishing her plate would be to sit in front of you and meow ! Aaarghhh!!