2013.11.26 - Race

Mountain bike race

On November 10th Web and I got ready for the last race of the season. It was cold and had rained during the night, but we were lucky enough to have been placed in the 12:30 start, so by the time we crossed the starting line both the trail and the weather had cleared up nicely. I think that about 50 people started in our group and I was a little surprised by the effort that was put into the bikes at the sound of the horn. 25 riders passed me immediately and I was left to slowly catch up on the steep uphill. Unfortunately I didn't have one of my better days and the race to the finish line was looong! Made it in 58 minutes so the expectations were met - just not in a pretty way!

It was still good fun though. Just need to get used to racing without stopping every 5-10 minutes.

Photos from my two autumn races:

Let's start with the finish ... Youngnam Alps challenge on October 13th.

800 participants for that one

OMK bike shop had signed up about 15 foreigners - here's some of them. Mike, Simon, Dan, me, Jonathan, Martin and Joey.

Me chatting to Mike

Finally at the top of the long long climb

Then to the single track race on November 10th. Still in pain!

Mike - had a bad race day but still came in 6th on the two-loop course.

Last weekend we met up with Mike and Phoebe for the best stone oven pizza in Dong-Gu - our municipality in Ulsan. Next day was booked for sashimi but unfortunately the restaurant was closed that day. So went for spicy chicken instead. Sashimi mission was successful the next Friday instead.

Lots of work, some biking, one time to the swimming pool, a couple of mediocre movies in the theatre and a trip to Busan. Not much but we are saving up for next weekend's trip to Osaka !

Mike on Magol - looking towards Yeompo. On a Saturday autumn ride

The colours are coming out

Dan and Web battling the reed.

Paula at the new outlet near Busan

At Haeundae Beach last weekend

Beach looks nicer outside of the season. One can actually see the sand .... peak season there are only umbrellas.

Paula, Suni and Jose at their Busan home. We went there for a short visit before continuing to Pietro's place last Sunday.