2010.04.18 - Walk in the forest

On the road again ....

This week I got my bike back in business ... officially. It went through roadworthy without problems so no we can start exploring the surrounding area. We started today with a trip to Bokskogen - a beautiful forest some 15-20 kilometers from Malmö. It was a nice day although the sun was a bit hesitant showing its face. Paula had not been on a bike for three years, so her feelings were mixed. But as we cruised along the small roads heading towards the forest in the distance, she quickly got into it and enjoyed the ride.

That's Paula behind all that clothes ...

Once in the forest we walked around, joining a bunch of families out with their kids. Someone had arranged a quiz along the way(with questions for both children and adults), so we got a chance to learn more about Swedish culture and history. Some of the adult questions were beyond us but we managed most of the children's questions! First obstacle is to understand the question!!!!

My biker chick!

Sussing out the area

This part of the forest looked like something out of "The Blair Witch Project"

Bongo-playing gnomes ...

Guess which country I'm in ?

After a cup of hot chocolate we continued the walk and after a couple of hours we got dressed for the road once again and headed towards the beach. On the way back home we stopped by Tom and Noelia's place - just to say Hi. In the end we stayed for dinner !! It's nice when your friends don't mind your dropping in ...

Noelia and Tom

Yesterday we were invited over to Youngae and Imy for lunch. On the way there I managed somehow to buy a suit, a coat and a sweater .... don't ask me how that happened. Anyway, Youngae had made a really nice Korean lunch. She had been very considerate and removed some of the fire-breathing spices normally found in Korean food. Even after almost three years in Korea, we still haven't acquired sufficient numbness of the palate to cope with fiery kimchi! It was nice to see our friends again and chat a bit about the differences in culture we all have felt - them in Sweden and us in Korea.

Imy, Chae Lin (in a traditional Korean Hanbok) and Youngae

In the evening we met up with Sven and Shirley at an Indian restaurant close to our home. It turned out to be a really nice restaurant with beautiful spiced (but not particularly hot) food. And a mango lassi ... my favorite! After the dinner we went home to their place just around the corner.

Sven, Paula and Shirley in Masala with beautiful and tasty food

Monday I met up with my friend Jesper at the docks of Nyhavn in Copenhagen. The weather was beautiful as we sat on the dockside with a beer in hand. Good to catch up with him and to see that he is doing good. He is a changed man, now into health and fitness instead of beer and party !

Thursday I had to hurry home after a busy day at the office (and a morning at the motorbike technical revision office), when I had to speed up to make the green light at the pedestrian crossing. So I started to run, which these days is a pretty unusual thing for me to do! So what happened was that my left leg all of a sudden lost any muscle power it might have had and turned to jelly. With my right leg miles behind me there was only one outcome possible .... I fell like a bag of potatoes. In front of half of Copenhagen, as the site I had picked for my stunt was the end of Strøget - the pedestrian street and the busiest street in town! We had been playing badminton with Tom and Noelia the day before and I had been feeling a bit worn all day, but I still think it was a little strange that I could crumble like that ....

The reason I was in a hurry was that we had to be at Robert and Diana's place in Västra Hamnen in Malmö at seven. We had been talking about getting together for a while, but there always seemed to get something in the way. But better late than never. I tried to persuade Robert to join me on a mountain bike ride this weekend, but he seems to prefer road biking. Probably it's for the better as I have only been out once since we got back almost 4 months ago.

The big news this week is that Heini gave birth to a healthy boy. Welcome Spencer and congratulations Sean and Heini!!!