2010.08.29 - Westin Chosun

Work, food and exercise

This week has been crazy. It's pretty much been work work and more work, with some very unfortunate things happening during the week. Suffice to say that it has been long days at the office. On top of that, my boss dropped by for two days. Although the visit was quite relaxed, the meetings with the yard has added to the work load.

Paula managed to drag me away from the office on Thursday, and we crossed the bridge to check out the new building at the Lotte Mart. This is now a very large department store. In the center of the new circular building they have a water fountain. Here they are able to send the water shooting up from the bottom as well as sending it flying towards the ground from a huge shover-head in the ceiling, 30-some meters up. The water is let out in the most fantastic patterns - really impressive. Next to the water show a band of foreign acrobats were competing for our attention....

Friday we had a long meeting with the yard at which we tried to analyze the progress. Afterwards they invited us for dinner at the Oase seafood buffet in the Jagalchi fish market. This is one of the largest restaurants I have ever seen and the buffet must have been at least 30m long if not longer. I thought I would never make it to the desserts !! But as the food was really nice, I am sure that we will be back.

Saturday we returned to the yard for more work and meetings with the yard. In the evening we drove over to the Westin Chosun hotel at Haeundae Beach. We are looking for a place to do our name giving, so we decided to check out the venue and then go for dinner at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. Again a very nice dinner with a private chef - as we had a few weeks ago at the Paradise hotel.

Passion of Chile - in Korea. If you divide by 1000 they you have the price in USD. So pretty expensive wine!

I think the restaurant is called Karo Matsu. Curt next to me came out for a visit from the head office

Sunday morning Andreas and Oscar were standing outside our door at 7am - ready for the mountain. Wiser from experience, we were not taking any chances this time (last time we were riding around in the midday sun). We had a nice short ride in the mountain behind our building. It is really nice to back on the bike again.

In the afternoon we took the metro to Haeundae to hook up with Jade and Jean Laurent. They had driven down from Ulsan to eat Thai food and to see our apartment. Peo was glad to see her old cat-sitter !! I think it made her feel more at home, knowing that Jade was close by !

Andreas enjoying the singletrack

A Korean hanging out!

Look at the determination on his face ! (he's almost back home at this point)

Oscar was suffering a bit today - I think he may have been out and about yesterday evening!

In the evening we went to the gym with Serhiy - ping pong and the treadmill!