2013.03.17 - Ok(po) wedding

Ms. Ok's wedding in Okpo, Geoje Island

Been a while ... let's see; a couple of weeks ago we went down to Busan for a bit of síghtseeing with Zohreh, Kasra and Nika in Seomyeong - Busan's "new" downtown. without any real agenda, we had a nice afternoon in good company. Spring has come early in Korea and we are really enjoying the warmth of the sun. Wont be long before the cherry trees will light up.

A trip to H&M followed by Ashleys for lunch

We decided not to eat at the market .... rays and other weird food was aplenty.

Chicken feet anybody ?

I have had a bit of a break from volleyball after crashing out while skiing over Lunar New Year but have been busy on the bike and on the squash court. Paula joins me on the court and we are also either joined by Michal or Serhiy. A few of my other colleagues have joined us for squash but have not returned ! Paula is still going at it with Pilates and zumba.

With her busy schedule, Paula has had to let bellydancing go its own way

With Sarahm Jago and Ian at the Ice Bean on Ilsan Beach one Saturday afternoon.

He's a pretty cool kid !

Exercise for Peo is not an option ! We took her to the roof of our building, but she just sits there. Or at the most go look for a place to hide.

Ruaraidh and the boys at the driving range. Torrin was keen but Brody didn't understand what the fuss was about. why not just take the balls by the hand and put them in the hole ??? Much easier !

Torrin was ecstatic when he found the caddie !

A nice little place I came across on my bike adventures

A new MTB buddy - Bart from the Netherlands

Violet's surprise lunch at our apartment

Last weekend Paula and I drove down to Okpo for our secretary's (Ms. Ok) wedding. Okpo is the small town on beautiful Geoje Island which houses the large Daewoo shipyard. It is a town loaded with foreigners and is therefore also blessed (?) with many a bar and western restaurant. Paula and I had only been to Okpo once, during the summer holiday in 2007. We were keen to return for a closer and less crowded look at the town.

The wedding took place at Benikea Hotel overlooking the town. It was a nice ceremony although somewhat incomprehensible for the attending foreigners ... as well as the groom - orka from Spain, who needed several hints and clues from the bride during the Korean-only ceremony.

Gordon and Iris - Gordon in his kilt of course

The groom, the bride and the parents

Gorka's mother was at a bit of a loss, as she doesn't speak any English. Gorka was lost because he doesn't speak any Korean. Ms. Ok was fine !!

Comparing bellies - Eun Ha and Annie

Late at night - about time for Paula and me (the boring ones!) to retire !

One of the small beaches/fishing villages we visited on Geoje. It's a pretty village.

After the ceremony the party continued at Tracks - one of the pubs downtown. Along with my colleagues we spent the afternoon and evening bouncing between the various bars in town. A good evening which we left at it's own pace shortly before the day was over.

Next day we decided to explore the south of the island, which we did not yet know. It was a really nice trip but maybe not one that you should undertake the day after a big night out..... the coastal road is curvy to say the least and after a couple of hours of rollercoasting I had had enough. So a quick cafe-break in Gohyeon (the home city of Samsung shipyard) before heading back home again.

Friday evening Saint Patrick was celebrated at the compound clubhouse. HAIL was playing and as usual the support was good. It's great to see everybody down there. The band now has two very good female lead singers, which basically changes the game from a Rock&Roll scheme to a chick-band. Still good though. And then Dave takes over for a few songs and it's back to good ol' rock&roll!!

The clubhouse decorated in shamrocks - for St. Patricks

Sasha, Georgina, me, (Ruaraudh & Nicola in the back), Michal and Payman

Cheryl - our Chinese neighbor with Lulu

Dave giving a guest performance

... while his wife Amy kept the girls on the floor busy.

Even Pietro turned up

Paula and Agniezska danced the night away.

Nena and Paula with famous rock star Dave !

Aurora doesn't miss a party - leg in cast or not !

Faride, Eon Ni and Agi

Minnie is leaving FLIK, so the girls threw her a goodbye breakfast. She's not going far though.

The sun is great after a long winter

Saturday it was bike ride first (3.5 hours with Leif and Bart) and then Alexander's birthday at the clubhouse. As we don't have children ourselves we are clueless when it comes to childrens' birthdays. We learn a bit here and there, but it is basically useless knowledge for us ! Anyway, we enjoyed the food, snacks and the magician !!!

Alexander and Arina

Lesson number 1: How to get 20 kids to sit down ? Hire a magician !

Lining up for the piñata

It was well built !

In the evening we had plans to hook up with Agniezska and Michal, but they were tired from dancing all night the day before (so was Paula) and we were worn out by the children (and the bike ride), so it became a night on the couch instead.

Today it was volley in the morning followed by lunch at Sarah and ian's place. A big pot of mussels, mackrel and Daim icecream cake for dessert ! Yummy !!

Caroline loves holding Jago

Alexander showing off his magic tricks to Olav

Olav has a way with kids.