2014.09.29 - Summer summary

Summer summary

How is this for a dry patch ?? Been lazy I guess, but now I am back with the ongoings of the house of ps.

The summer has been good and relatively dry. So far the typhoons have stayed clear of Ulsan and the unbearable heat and humidity visited us for a very short time only. We took advantage of the good weather and started training at the swimming pool. We held up a few weeks until a few weeks of unstable weather threw us off course and we haven't been able to pick it up again. Still, I managed to improve my freestyle technique a little although my speed remained pathetic. Paula had a gentle recovery from her operation (right arm) and used the swimming to get some of her mobility back.

Biking has been good for a while now. "Good" as in we have a bunch of keen riders so there is always somebody to ride with. Had a few injuries recently - Bart's broken shoulder blade has already been reported, Jarrod took a head-firs dive, Richie planted his face in the dirt and needed a few stitches and Robert broke his finger. Nothing that kept them from riding though. I spent some of my evenings on the internet pondering over which components to include in my build project. Eventually I settled on a steel long travel hard tail. In less MTB terms - a bike which doesn't break easily. It was a fun project and a fun bike to ride.

Apart from biking and swimming, summer means barbecue and there have been plenty. We also had to say goodbye to a few people - Trygve and Annelin, Roberto and Sonia, Ivan and Olga :-( Such is life here in the compound.

The summer was long and my activity here low, so I will let the photos do the talking:

My colleagues Olav, Robert and Michal at the big rocks on Dinosaur Park, as we call it.

Paula invited Caroline and Alexander over for a painting class when Annelin had to go to the hospital for an appendix operation and Trygve had a check-up for his foot post bike accident

Game night at Michal and Agnieszka - with Dawn and Robert

My new ride Porky

BBQ - here with Waldemar and Anna Maria

Mexican cooking lession at the compound ... yummy

Ivan and the biggest Croatian fan in Ulsan. Full support for Marin at the autumn iron man

Neris and Brodie

Paula and Iselin when we went down to Busan to see Øyvind and Anveigh who was vacationing in Korea