2011.12.12 - Sister's visit

Visit from Merete, Jesper and Lea

This weekend we had visitors. My sister Merete flew up here with her family (parts of her family) for a weekend in the cold north. Unfortunately for them, their plane was 1,5 hours delayed on Friday and they didn't arrive here until 1am. I had managed to borrow one of my colleagues' apartment for the weekend, as our apartment is a bit wee for 5 people. 3 of my colleagues live in the neighbouring apartment block, and as they all go back home to the west coast every weekend, the apartment was vacant anyway. And much better and closer than a hotel - and the family was well impressed with the less-than-a-year old facilities!

After a good lie-in we met at our apartment for breakfast, a thorough dress-up (for the cold) and then out to explore.

Jesper doesn't have many chances to get a good long uninterrupted sleep, so he relished the opportunity.

Lea immediately made friends with Peo

And I gor an early birthday present !

I don't know what it is with the Hovaldt Nielsen's, but they always want to be beat up !!! What's with that ???

We started off with the city hall. The city hall square was full of big black cars with flags on their hoods..... due to the Nobel Prize Award ceremony, which was taking place on this very day. No entrance to the City hall for the Family Nielsen ....

Peak view of the city and the Fjord from the top of our building

Jesper, Paula and the royal A8. The A2 (a Cadillac) was also there but not very photogenic ....

So we continued on to the fortress Akershus. Both Lea and Merete are horse freaks, so the police equestrian hall was a hit! Fortress was enjoyed by all parties as well, I think. It's a nice quiet spot in the centre of the city.

From the fortress we walked down to the Opera House for a quick view before exploring the lunch options at Oslo Central Station.

At the fortress


The Fortress is still guarded - against whom I do not know

Jesper pointing something out while Lea makes the royal wave.

New careers at the Opera

Then back home through Carl Johan (the main pedestrian street), the open air ice rink and the small Christmas market with the Sami tent. Wherever we went we seemed to be followed by the big black cars. But only later did we realize that we had missed the torch parade, which takes place every year in honour of the laureates. Actually - I thought it was going to take place on the Sunday, which is why we went looking for it on the Sunday.

Christmas decoration at Carl Johan

Back at home we ordered Sushi and Thai take-out, kicked back and chilled !

Here's the proof - Lea ate sushi (even though she will not admit to it!)

Sunday we once again dressed up and dared out on the slippery streets again (they are not big on snow-cleaning in Oslo, so the streets have been murder this last week). We walked up past the Royal Castle (which must be a contender for the least attractive European Royal Castle prize) and on to the National Gallery. Munch's "The Scream" was beckoning ...

From the National Gallery we jumped on a bus for the Folk Museum on Bygdøy. For two weekends in December there is a large Christmas market there. It was very nice. It even started to snow, so the Yule atmosphere was intense.

At the folk Museum

This is where Paula fell in .....caved ... and bought a ring!

Merete, Lea and Jesper

In one of the small houses of the village

Chinese for dinner at Golden Mountain

The outdoor ice rink between the Parliament and the National Theatre

All this snow was turned into slippery ice in the morning. So much for atmosphere ...

Back in town for Chinese and then that weekend had passed all too soon. Funny how fast time goes by ....