2011.11.21 - Sweden

Weekend trip to Malmö

We have slowly gotten into autumn-mode, lowering the level of activities to conserve energy ! A couple of weeks ago we managed to fit in 4 visits to the cinema in 26 hours. It was half-price-day and raining, so we made it a movie marathon. Tin Tin, Midnight in Paris, Crazy Stupid Love and Drive were the four good movies we sat through.

Next day we met up with our friends Nalini and Oscar, who were in town to prepare their move back to Oslo from Korea. We joined them on their house hunt. We thus got a sneak look at the Norwegian housing market, which is an abomination! First house we saw was a total wreck - ready to be torn down - and prices at 1,5 million dollars ! Just madness, but actually quite a lot of fun just to tag along, be able to speak our opinion out aloud and not be financially accountable for anything ! But after this great day, we are quite happy that we are not forced to find a home in Oslo. Just too darn expensive.

Last weekend we went to Sweden for the weekend. It was nice to be back in town and to enjoy the comfort of our own bed and pillows. Miss them ! It was a nice weekend with quality time with our friends.

This weekend we went back to the cinema. Paula is hooked on the Twilight (never-ending) saga and I had traded my presence through the movie (in body - not in mind!) for a new bicycle. So we were both happy - her dreaming of cold-blooded vampires and me dreaming of my new bike !!! We also met up with our friends Magda and Jarek and their two kids Sarah and Kasper on Saturday after our city-walk.

Cup Final weekend in Norway. Brann Bergen against Ålesund and the city was flooded in either red or orange, depending which part of town you were in. Orange won, by the way.

although the two groups of supporters were quite divided across the town, there were no hooliganism and it wasn't unusual to see a couple of orangies between a sea of reds. Pretty peaceful these Norwegians.

The house we were looking at was too poor to be in the photo, so Paula took a shot in the other direction - Peder and Oscar on the neighbouring plot. Much prettier !

A fashion show in Aker Brygge Shopping center

It wasn't very good but it was unexpected, and that's always good !

Jacky, Sebastian and me at their place

Tue in the kitchen

On our weekend city-walk we came across a Christmas market in the Swedish church. It was just like being home !

... except for the traditional costumes, which we don't see much in Malmö

Tjuvholmen at night

You would think that with all the pine trees here, they could find a decent Christmas tree ?!?!?!