2012.09.09 - Wedding

Ms. Jee's wedding

Leading up to last weekend it was all about work. Even on the Saturday I had to put in a full day's work and didn't get home to Paula until 6:30pm. This is not my preferred way to spend a weekend, but as our vessel was going to be floated for the first time, there were plenty of things to look out for. The yard was a little behind, so we had our hands full trying to keep up with them. But it floated and was set back down again safely, so the hard work was not in vain.

Sunday I first went on a good long bike ride (4 hrs) with Leif and then Paula and I drove down to Lotte Premium Outlet in Busan. I wanted to get a few new t-shirts but lo and behold .... it was Paula who came away with most clothes !

But I did get my t-shirts and even a Steff Houlberg hotdog - they call it "Dansk hotdog" but it had very little to do with a Danish dog !

Super Star Battle at the Outlet

COSTCO opened in Ulsan last weekend and Paula managed to visit both Monday and Tuesday. So we are now eating avocados every day! I have never had so much guacamole before! This is a true life-changer for the foreigners in Ulsan. I remember when we had to drive 2+ hours to Daegu in order to buy cheese and salami, then 1:15 to Busan and now we have it right here. Fantastic!

Wednesday Leif and I went for a night bike ride. I had just received my new light and was very excited to go try it out. Unfortunately I only just made it to the mountain before my chain broke. Aaarrghh ! We had tools with us, but they also broke as we tried to mend the chain. A rock and me fixed the chain only temporarily and we had to drive back home again. Better luck next time.

Paula hadn't expected me to come home so early, so I was banished to the bedroom as AnneLin and her were having a girls only evening !

Girls only

Thursday Agniezska taught Paula to make goulash and Michael and I helped them eat it in the evening. Next day we continued our culinary travels with a Norwegian dinner at AnneLin and Trygve's. Cod stew I guess we can call it. They call it bacalao and it was really good.

Michael and Agnieszka helping us with the guacamole !!!

Bacalao followed by icecream + Baileys..... we were really being spoiled !

Carolina and Alexander enjoyed the "cigars"

Saturday we were invited for my colleageu Ms. Jee's wedding at the wedding halls in Munzu Stadium - the former World Cup stadium. We have been to one wedding before so we knew more or less what to expect. As the weddings here aren't religious, they become a lot more showmanship-like than at home. I tend to compare it to Vegas without Elvis ! But nevertheless, it was a big day for Ms. Jee and her husband as well as their families. For us it was another great opportunity to get a small insight into the Korean culture.

The wedding ceremony was quite a bit longer than the first one we attended and we weren't thrown out after 10 minutes like in Busan!

Deep bows to the parents - then followed 3 push-ups for the groom. Lost in translation!

The happy couple

Gordon turned up in his kilt - the others in snake-skin boots.

We met Ingrid - Håvard's wife - for the first time

The family only ceremony which follows the public ceremony. We unknowingly crashed this one until Ms. Yang told us it was for family only ! Again - a little lost in translation!

Ms. Jee

The couple came to greet us at the luncheon.

In the evening we went on to the last stop in our culinary trip this week. Zoreh and Kasra had invited us for an Iranian dinner. This is like winning in the lottery ... she is an amazing chef ! We were not left wanting ... mmmmm the desserts ! And the company ... unfortunately they will be moving to Busan in a couple of weeks as Kasra is now working in Geoje (Daewoo shipyard) and Nika has started in the International School in Busan. Zoreh is not too pleased, but it's the right thing to do in their situation. We will miss them though (although Busan is just a short drive away).

Hummus, eggplant dip, cheeses, bread, melon, nuts, fruit salad ... so much great food.

... and that was only the appetizers ! Main course(s) was just as delicious. Eleni and Lazaros were also there with their newborn daughter.

Today, Sunday it is raining so we haven't been too active. A bike ride in the morning, then scones and muffins at Nicola and Ruaraidh's, coffee with Michael and Agnieszka at Lavazza and maybe COSTCO in the evening ?!?!