September 2nd 2007 - Bye Val

September 2nd 2007

Back from vacations, farewells and more parties !

Back in Ulsan after our first vacations while in Korea. We were in Palau in the Pacific and had a great time. I am still trying to organize the photos and slowly getting ready to put something down in words, so watch out for a new posting under travels sometime soon.

We arrived in Ulsan last Monday and have spent the week saying goodbye to friends, it seams. Paula has kept herself busy helping the same friends pack their stuff and bringing their plants to our place. We are officially living in a jungle now - Peo is ecstatic !! Within 3 days we had to say aufwiedersehen to 6 of our good friends, but luckily we are still surrounded by good friends to fill out the gap ! Work wise, we are getting closer to delivery of the second vessel, so life is once again becoming a little stressful. The yard wants to keep their deadline, even if it is an unrealistic deadline, and as it has rained most of last week, the resulting paint job leaves much to be desired. It is frustrating to go through the same BS as with the last vessel, but all considered, I think this will always be the case when we are near delivery.

The weekend was spent relaxing - it's grey and raining, so we have stayed in and watched a movie instead. Read books and eaten chocolate !!! (and organized the vacation photos !)

Llegamos el lunes pasado a Ulsan despues de 1 semana en La Republica de Palau. Un pais en el medio del pacifico entre filipinas y Guam. Despues de las vacaciones volvimos aqui y en el transcurso de 1 semana hemos tenido 3 despedidas . Los proyectos se terminan y la gente se empieza a volver o ir a distintos paises. Asi es como Carol y Michael volvieron a UK , Mary Don y Ray estan en US y Valerie y John se han ido , pero ellos vuelven en enero.

Como se imajinaran nuestra casa ahora es la casa Selva ! hemos tenido una cantidad de "donacion de plantas" increible , lo que nos pone contentos porque el depto. se ve bien lindo .

Farewell lunch at Ballentines.

Aqui un almuerzo despedida para Val.

Carol, Val and Mary Don were all gone by the end of the week ...... for a while anyway !

Carol , Val y Mary Don se fueron , esperamos verlas pronto por estos lados .

The girls met up in Val and Johns apartment to say goodbye to the platform "they" have been working on for Exxon.

Aqui nos juntamos en casa de Val para despedir la Plataforma construida por Exxon.

They had a banner hanging from their window and all. As the weather turned out, I don't think anybody else noticed !

El dia en que la entregaron estaba lloviendo y medio nublado , no se ve mucho . Esta en el barco medio naranja ...seguro que no mucha gente se dio cuenta !

Next stop Nigeria

Proxima parada Nigeria !

Any excuse for a party!

Siempre tenemos escusas para celebrar !

And then we had to say goodbye to Val and John .... so we all came over to empty their fridge. Hopefully they will return in January.

En la tarde nos juntamos en casa de Val y John para despedirlos y ayudar a baciar el refri con una comida. John se va a Nigeria y Val esta en UK pero vuelven en Enero.

Michael, Carol, Val, John, Mary Don and Ray - thanks for donating your plants to the new "House of Ps Jungle". With a bit of luck we will only be babysitting them until "y'all" return to Ulsan. Very nice to meet you all ! We will miss you guys ,so we hope to see you back in Ulsan soon .

Michael, Carol , Val , John , Mary Don and Ray ...Gracias por las donaciones de plantas, muebles y demases .Con un poco de suerte estaremos solo cuidando sus plantas hasta que ustedes vuelvan a Ulsan.

Next day it was Ray and Mary Don's farewell party at "The Office"

Aqui la despedida de Mary Don y Ray en el bar "The office" . Estaba lleno !

Luckily Rose and Carolina (left and right) are staying on for a few more months, so we wont feel too abandoned.

Menos mal que no todos nuestros amigos se van , aqui Rose y Carolina se quedan hasta noviembre ...

Another drunken Kodak moment

Otro Kodak moment !

Friday we were 14 for duck. Rose knew a small restaurant near Ulsan Beach serving good stuffed duck.

El viernes fuimos 14 a comer pato relleno. Rose conoce un restauran aqui en Ulsan que lo hacen muy rico .

The dinner was in "honour of" Bill and Ann Marie's friends visiting from the States (next to Paula)

La comida era para recibir una pareja de amigos de Ann Marie que vienen por pocos dias a verla .

Peo stayed with Jerome and Stephanie (last photo right) during our vacation, but it didn't take long to settle back into her old habits again.

Peo estubo en casa de Jerome y Stephanie para nuestras vacaciones. Aqui la vemos disfrutando del sillon de vuelta en casa !

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