August 16th 2009 - Tuna Sashimi

August 16th 2009

Pool, Pool and Paella

Middle of August and the rains have still not ceased. Is there going to be no summer this year ? At least they finally opened the pool at Ocean Village IV, so we get about 3 weeks to use it in before they close it again. We do have sunny intervals, if you wonder, and Saturday was one of those so we spent the afternoon at the pool. Today Sunday it is raining again although only a drizzle.

Let's see ... what did we do this week ?!? I have to be careful what I post here ... my sister was very worried that we would suffer from severe constipation with all that we eat! It appears that I only post photos of us eating. But as it is, eating is occupying an ever bigger part of our social life here. So let me just get it over with - Japanese with jamie and Colin on Friday, Mussels at Jamie and Colin's Saturday and Paella at Carlos' place Sunday !!!

Our first time at the Japanese close to the Ilsan Beach traffic light (towards the College). This small restaurant feels very authentic and serves excellent ad libitum tuna sashimi with a few nice side dishes.

Full of tuna !

Then a few games of pool before heading up to Ocean View for a pint to round the evening off. Paula showed some great improvement of her pool skills and we were able to hold Jamie and Colin to a tie! (they are sharks!!)

Saturday pre-movie drinks at Jamie and Colin's

Mussel with lemon grass and coconut milk followed by blueberry cheesecake! Mmmm!!!

Getting in the mood for the movie with a little tribal dance! We watched "This is England" which was a pretty good movie (surprising as it is English !!). We rated it close to 8 and I think we all got a bit more sympathy for the poor skinheads after the movie .... NOT!!!

After months of threathening us with his paella, Carlos finally pulled himself together and invited us for Sunday lunch!!!

Shrimp, octopus and squid - I got a special one without the shrimp, as I am not on friendly terms with the shrimp!

Wednesday I went to the hospital to check my eyes. I would like to do a course here in Korea for which I need a "clean" eye certificate. Well - with the Korea being Korea, we figured that this couldn't take long. The service is ususlly pretty good here. But we were wrong and were to spend the next three hours at the eye clinique before they finally told me that I was colorblind! Not really any lifeshattering news to me, but I had hoped I could wing it !!! Guess I'll have to find another course to do ...

Same day, we were doing a late night pressure test on one of the ships, so I didn't get home before 10pm. Long day !

Paula started painting again. The teacher - Julie - is back from summer vacations (and a traffic accident!), and has agreed to come to our house for the classes. That way paula avoids the mosquitos at the Old Compound. Well almost, as we still have to go water the plants for Mari and Gokhan, who are sweating it out in Turkey for another few days.

The girls in the twilight (incidentally, Paula just watched the movie Twilight for the 6th time!! She likes it ....)

In two minutes my lunch table is turned into Van Gogh's studio!

Today I went for a bike ride in the afternoon. A light drizzle but not too bad. I was looking for new trails, but only found dead ends, so not too pleased. There is not a whole lot of exploring left to do in the immediate area - we know most of the trails by now, so maybe it's time to find a new place to call home!