March 8th 2009 - Bennigans

March 8th 2009

Gettting lost

As if on purpose, my article for this month's expat magazine is called "Lost", and this is exactly what Ingo and I were on Saturday's bike ride ! The obvious sequence would be that I had written the article after getting lost, but that is not the way it happened.

On top of Mount Magol

This newly discovered trail was quickly named Bulgogi Run, after these Bulgogi suppliers (Bulgogi is the Korean national meat dish)

Looking towards Jujeon Beach on a clear day

Seconds before I ralised that my wheel had come loose. See - I was still smiling at that point !

It all started out with a really nice ride on a beautiful day. I had reworked my homemade head-cam, so I got some decent videos on the first descent.

But then we decided to explore the area a bit, and coming to a crossway, we paper, scissor and rock'ed to make see which fork we should take. Ingo won and led the way. I (almost) lost my rear wheel on a really steep section - it could have been interesting if by chance we hadn't stopped to look around. I didn't notice being wheel-less until I started out again !

This part of the trail I have named Snare Run. What a cowardly way of hunting!

This is the part where we were lost, if you can't tell!

We found a little used path to bring us back to civilization

Washing off the dirt

Saturday evening Colin and Jamie had invited us for dinner along with Mari and Gorkan. She had cooked up a storm !! Lamb, Couscous and Salad for the carnivours and Salmon and Potato Pie for Paula ! And Lemon Pie for desert. We all decided to come back next Saturday (well - Jamie didn't really have much to say !). We had a really good time and it kind of felt like we were beamed a couple of years back, as Jamie and Colin were friends with some of the good people we met when we first got to Ulsan. Confused ... ? Jamie and Colin were here in 2006 and have just returned a month ago.

Jamie getting ready to spoil us!

Gorkan, Mari, Jamie, Paula and Colin

Sunday has been quiet. The weather was spring-like, but we didn't take much advantage of it. We were in downtown for a short spell (lunch at the Turkish!) and other than that I have been editing the mtb video. And relaxing!

During the week there were a few long days for me. Trip to Geoje on Wednesday and a pressure test onboard on Friday. The pressure tests are done after hours, so the vessel is close to empty. That meant that we missed out on our Happy Hour.

The not-so-nice side of Bangeojin - our neighborhood

On Thursday we went out with Flemming, Marilyn, Dan and Carlos. It was Dan's last day here in Ulsan, so we had to celebrate !! haha ... ! We went to Bennigans, so I think we can say that this week has been a success food-wise.

Dan, Marilyn, Flemming, Carlos and Paula at Bennigans on Thursday. Mmmm !

Slush beer

I never really understood what was going on here .... ???

The Woman in the Iron Mask