December 13th 2009 - TGE

December 13th 2009

And so ... the end is near ...

The final curtain for Our Korea Diary is slowly closing and this could very possibly be the last entry in this section of our web page. We are scheduled to be out of here on Friday, but will return for two days on the 25th. I reckon I will be too lazy to spend my X-mas on updating the web page! Will probably have other things to see to also. Anyway - we will probably keep posting updates somewhere on this web site even after we have returned home, although the frequency may be different. Time will tell.

The last week has been full of farewell parties/dinners. There are a lot of things to see to when you leave a place after almost three years. On top of that I have been onboard the vessel all days except Friday, to attend the gas trial. For land lubbers like myself, a day onboard means an early night - the fresh sea air takes it out of me!

Flemming, Marilyn and Mrs. Sun at our agents farewell dinner at TGI Fridays on Wednesday

Thomas and Harald at TGE's last post-gas trial dinner at Outback on Thursday.

It's a tradition - Marilyn, Flemming, Bart, Thomas, Harald, Ingo, Peder, Johannes and Paula

Friday morning was for packing down the office. Rodel and Flemming had already done a big job and were still at it Friday, but at least I could help with my own table and computer. In the afternoon Paula and I had to go to the Taipei Mission on Busan for her Taiwan visa. Also dropped by the airport to double check Peo's papers, so we wont get any problems when we leave. We got home just in time for our date with Ingo at Cafe Lime. He was leaving early next day, so had to say a proper goodbye to my "boyfriend", as Paula says. Celebrate the great mountain bike rides we have had during the last two years.

Saturday I went in to the office in the morning for the last packing and in the afternoon we passed by the Old Compound to pick up Paula's room separator. She has painted the four seasons and had them framed in a separator. It looks amazing !! At the compound there was a sales show for traditional furniture. It took all available willpower for Paula to only leave with a stone Buddha, lamp and an umbrella basket!

Paula's beautiful Four Seasons room separator.

Sunday we dragged Jamie and Colin out of bed for a trip to COSTCO in Busan ... well, not really - they needed to go and we just came along for the ride and to show them our favorite teahouse in the mountains. Our last chance to go to either ....

Paula waiting impatiently for Jamie and Colin Sunday morning. They had been partying all night and were hung over like the teenagers they are not!

COSTCO always cheers us up!

Lunch at Shinsegae - claimed to be the worlds biggest department store ...... we don't see it! Oh, stuffed squid by the way.

Payback from the night before!

A determined Colin!

At the tea house

The tea house one last time

And the last FPSO we will see here in Ulsan - the Usan at Hyundai Offshore. It's a lot bigger than it looks here.

I can't believe we are almost out of here! We have had a great time here with the usual ups and downs, but overall we cannot complain. But let's not dwell on the past;

THE KING IS DEAD - LONG LIVE THE KING .... and so, life goes on.