2013.07.07 - Art Exhibition

Paula's first art exhibition

OK - this is an important mile stone .... Paula is now officially an artist! She has had her first exhibition and is on the road to something big.

As with most firsts, there was a significant amount of anxiety and uncertainty in the days leading up to the exhibition: what if I don't sell anything, what if people doesn't like it, what if people thinks it is too expensive, what if nobody turns up ..... but it was all put to shame by the events that followed.

4 ladies got together and organized the exhibition together with the HHI foreigner's support team. Zohreh with her paper maché dolls, Eleni with her jewellery, Paula with wood, Korean and abstract paintings and Susana - the professional - with her paintings. They cleared the library for furniture and displayed their works for four days. Paula then had a little taste of what 9-18 looks like (!). Although there were many quiet times, it was a big success. Paula sold heaps and many people dropped by. Our house is not exactly empty now, but at least the paintings don't hang in layers any more !

Three of the artists on display - Paula, Susana and Eleni

The library turned into art gallery

Susana's smaller works

Zohreh's dolls

Eleni's jewellery

Paula's Korean paintings

Susana's bigger paintings - the third from the left is now hanging in our living room.

Paula's wood paintings - coasters

Paula's bamboo paintings were popular

Paula's abstracts

Alexander was very interested in Paula's exhibition

Agniezska is on a long holiday in Poland, so we had Michal for ourselves for a while. And I managed to get him up early a few Saturdays (not his favorite time) for bike rides. He was complaining quite a lot, but as soon as we headed the bikes downhill he forgot the pains and even smiled a bit ! He has now gone on vacations also, but I have plenty of other bike mates. Mike from Australia has proven to be a worthy replacement for Leif, who left Korea two months ago. He leaves me trailing behind both uphill and downhill - not good for the pride ! Derrick, Web and Bart are also regulars. Also had a trip with Chris - ironman and reasonably fit. Was worried but mountain biking proved to be quite a different sport compared to the road racing/time trialling that he is used to, so I managed to keep up. The uphills are pretty brutal, so it's a big advantage to have ridden them before.

Michal avoiding eye contact ! Almost reaching the top of the mountain behind the Botanical Garden

A few meters further ahead ....

Standing on the obelisk

Mine fields in the drizzle

The boss visited from Norway and ordered a bike trip. Who am I to say no to biking in the work hours ??!!?? I mean - orders from the boss!

Håvard, Gøran (with the flat), Martin (giving directions), Ken (in pain ?), Ivar and Rolf. Trygve and myself missing.

Chris hating it ... the uphills, that is.

Above the Spanish 2002 training ground. Note the shirt and guess where he is from. Just glad he didn't wear a kilt!

A couple of weeks ago Hailstock hit the Compound. An all-day music festival with 4 expat Ulsan-bands (where have they all been hiding?). Not all to my liking, but then I just went to the pool for a few laps until next band came on. Really .... it was a far cry from the muddy festivals of my youth!

Very well behaved festival audience - Tony, Payman, Robert, Faride, Dawn, paula and Michal

It's not about the money, money money ... - Scarlet and her friend showing us all how it is done!

One of the four bands - guess it's a teachers' band but never seen them before.

HAIL on stage with spent voices. This must be about the time the cops turned up and threatened to put us all in jail - neighbours complained !

This morning we had AnneLin over for breakfast. Pancakes and homemade yogurt and she brought real hot chocolate. Don't think that I will need more food today ! Below is a taste of our culinary adventures this last month (which includes a lobster&crab feeding frenzy!):

Paula at Grappa in downtown. Rumor has it that it will open in Bangeojin soon - good for us!

Good-sized Lobster

With Dawn, Olav, Robert and Randi at the crab/lobster place in Bangeojin. Brought our own lemons, mayo and baguette - it was a feast.

............... and I loved it !

Quesadillas at home

Chilean hotdog at home

Grilled fish at Ilsan Beach fish market and breakfast this morning. Both times with AnneLin

This is the summer season and so it is also time to say goodbye to some people. The families with children tend to leave around this time, for the kids to start in their new schools at the beginning of the school year. So far we have said goodbye to Jennie and Cora. We are not entirely convinced that Cora and Mike wont be back, as they have already spent 12 years in Korea on 3-4 different projects...

Jennie's farewell party at the Golden Eagles

Farewell gift: one of Zohreh's dolls

Followed by coffee

The compound girls saying goodbye to Cora - I never liked you anyway.

...... but I think they did.....

Me saying goodbye to the Ipad. Didn't manage to fix it with the spare screen I had ordered. Got buggered by the soldering, so have now ordered a pre-soldered screen. Should have known my limitations ....