Check this page to see which people drop by our house and how we treat them !

Inge, Tamas, Sofie and Miklos

My sister Inge came up to see us from their current home in Taiwan. We were down there last year for X-mas, so it was only right that we showed them what a Korean X-mas looked like: It's a lot colder than a Taiwanese X-mas!


Our friend Linda came to visit us on her East Asia trip. She tasted a bit of kimchi in Busan before continuing to Japan.

Jamie and Colin

Jamie and Colin came over to Malmö mainly to throw snow balls at their hosts. They did not fail in their endeavor.


Wilson is a friend we made during our trip to Tibet last year and as the cherry on the top of the icing, he finished off his Africa and Middle east tour with a short (and cold) visit to Malmö.

Tom and Noelia

Tom and Noelia were here in July for 9 days and Maite in August for 6 days.

Loli and Luismi

Loli and Luis Miguel were here to check up on us (!?) in July for 5 days. After seeing that we were OK, they left us again for Japan.


Brian Hansen dropped by for 3 days in April before continuing to the Philippines.


Jakob Bay came to see us in October 2008, so we immediately took him on a short tour of Western japan !

Youngae and Imy

Youngae and Imy went to see us in Ulsan for Memorial Day 2008 (June 6th).

Fernando, Gaby and Diego

Fernando (Paulas cousin) and Gaby and Diego made a combined visit to Copenhagen/Malmö in the snow in February 2007.