Denmark 2012

Denmark and Sweden

Finally it was time for a vacation!! Back to Denmark for some prime family time and then to Sweden for a weekend with the friends.

We started off with a short flight from Busan to Shanghai. Unfortunately we had to go through customs in China - i.e. pick up our suitcases and then go through immigration. After passing the first immigration officer, we were picked up by another who then left us at a second immigration desk for our transit stamp, whereafter we were free to go for a new check-in. Then through the security check before we finally got back to the departure hall. You really learn to appreciate Korea when you leave the country !

Also because half a litre of water at Pudong airport (Shanghai) cost RMB 45 (approximately 45 kr or USD 7) ! Crazy although some might call it robbery.

This was our first trip home via China and our first with SAS. The connection is not too bad, but we did miss the newer planes and the better service of Lufthansa. Even though we were lucky to get our home trip on Economy Extra, which means bigger seats and better food. On the up-side was the shorter flight time and not having to drop down in Munich - one of the least friendly airports we know!

Anyway - we arrived in Copenhagen at 8pm and continued straight to Odense, where my parents picked us up. 45 minutes later we were at their house - about 24 hours after we had left the apartment in Ulsan. Tired.

Next day we drove west to visit my sister Merete. A family party was arranged for the afternoon to celebrate my dad's 75th and we arrived a few hours early in order to help setting the table, trying to waterproof the tent (surprise ... it was raining), fixing the lights etc. My other sister Inge and her family had also arrived and had already been put to work. At 3 o'clock the guests arrived and after a tour of the farm, a beer in the garden and some games for the kids (and the young at heart), we sat down for a feast - Danish style ! Paula slept through most of this as the jet-lag hit the both of us hard this time!

The Olympic Nielsen Games !

A feast ...

Next day most of the guests came back for breakfast and it wasn't until noon that we could start cleaning up and pack down the tent. We stayed until evening so we had a chance to take the kids for a short horse ride. After this Merete and I saddled up for a good hour trip down the cycle lane. Merete has 4 lovely Icelandic horses. Not yet 100% trained for riding but still a great ride. I look forward to when she has taught them to be a bit more energetic !

Miklós just loves the farm and has made great plans for himself. 300 cows, 2000 chickens, deer, cats and I don't know what !!

Sunday evening we drove back to Inge and Tamas' summer cottage 4 km from my parents house. Here we had the first of many BBQs/meals at their place. I pulled myself together and ran down to their place for breakfast a few times during the week, but mostly my exercise came from playing with the kids. We have become great friends since our trip to Malaysia in April. The evenings were spent with a mix of catching crabs at the beach, watching the Olympics or drinking good wine in the garden.

There's nothing like a good BBQ!

At the summer cottage

Eating peas at my parent's allotment garden.

Uncle Peder was busy being an uncle

Catching crabs is the kid's favorite pastime and they even got Paula "hooked" !

Beautiful sunset but it wasn't as warm as it looks. Tamas went swimming every day but I was too chicken.

Monday we went to Kolding Storcenter (Shopping Mall) with Inge and Tamas + kids. Paula wanted a new laptop, clothes, Danish food etc. and Inge was after some cloths for the kids. Paula decided on one of two laptops but unfortunately they didn't have them in stock and instead I was tempted by a squash racket and new running shoes (hence the sudden need to go running). Don't worry though - it's not like Paula came away with empty hands!

Wednesday Merete and Lea came over to visit. That day we went to Middelfart to do a bit of orienteering. Tamas used to do orienteering and had found a small tourist route in the forest down by the strait. I tried to keep up but even though I consider myself a pretty good map reader, I had no chance against Tamas. I was surprised to see Miklós keep up, as he is normally a very reluctant runner or hiker ! But he was keen this day.

Heading down to the starting point of the orienteering course

The girls in the garden of the ceramics museum

Miklós was much more interested in the deer than in auntie Paula here

I think that he was making plans for his farm...

After checking out the deers next to the hotel, we drover over to Hindsgavl, an old manor house now hotel/restaurant/conference center beautifully located on the strait with views of Jylland. The weather was great and the old manor garden was wonderful.

At Hindsgavl

Mum and me

The weather had improved a bit

Thursday we drove over to Ribe to visit a couple of our friends. On the way there we stopped at a few shopping centres to look for a camera for Paula, as she has grown tired of the zillion half-good cameras we have and wanted one which I wouldn't bitch about all the time (it has to be said that one of the cameras we have emits smoke whenever we use the flash .. !). So the pictures you see from here on are taken with a top quality camera .... we hope ! But back to the friends: Claus and Sofie had recently increased the size of their family and we managed to catch the little man between naps ! Good to see that all were well and that Claus has not stopped being a boy just because he is now also a father !

Claus and Sofie with Magnus of 2 months.

After Claus and Sofie we drove up to Gitte and Peter's thriving mini farm. Their family has also been increased by a puppy instead of a baby. The farm has been enriched by a lake, 5000 trees and solar panels. They are keeping themselves busy!

Peter and Peder with the new lake in the background

Friday morning after breakfast with Inge and family, my parents drove us to Odense where we took the train to Malmö. I had some business to do with the bank, so we had to arrive before closing hours. After this we met up with Linda before she had to go to Båstad for the weekend. Then shopping for the next day's BBQ, as we were trying to catch most of our friends in one go. Summer arrived next day together with our guests ! I can't say that we were particularly lucky with the weather in Denmark, but in Malmö it was great. We had a fantastic day with our friends and ended the evening at Tom and Noelia's new apartment.

At the goodbye breakfast in my parents house

Tue, Paula, YoungAe, Heini and Tom at our remodelled patio in Malmö

Noelia, Jackie, Me, Robert, Tue, YoungAe and Heini

Gathering the troupes for a trip to the ice cream parlor

Sunday we went for a walk to the beach where we shortly met up with Robert before wandering through the old town back to Heini's new apartment. Then back to pack and off to the airport. A too short vacation was drawing to an end :-(

Met up with Robert at the beach. He was supposed to partake in the Malmö triathlon the same day but was out with a sore throat.

Back in Korea I have been able to catch up with work a bit, as the yard is still on vacation. That is, the offices are on vacation but the production still continues. The weather is hot and sticky, so today - Saturday - we went for a dip at Ilsan Beach and then again at the compound pool before hitting a few balls at the golf driving range. Too hot for biking !

Check out the slide show below for all the photos: