May 24th 2009 - Aussie brunch

May 24th 2009

Tank loading and Australian style breakfast

Not a whole lot to tell you this week. It has mostly been work for me, as we are getting closer to delivery of our ship no. 7. Paula has been out and about with the girls most of the days, and that pretty much continued through the weekend.

Friday we hooked up with Jamie, Colin, Teresa and Wayne at Ballentines for dinner and Sunday it was a late breakfast at Teresa and Wayne's place. During the week Paula also got to know our neighbor here at Blue Water Apartments. Paula was very happy to make a friend in the same building as where we live.

Friday and Saturday I had to get our deck tanks filled with gas. That means two containerized tanks filled with ethylene and one with butane, for the upcoming test of the cargo plant onboard. The tanks arrived last minute from Europe, so there were plenty of surprises for us, starting with the keys hanging behind the locked doors of the container. From there on it pretty much continued with small annoying surprises, but we managed to get the tanks filled without major trouble. The gas that we put into the tanks is pretty expensive, so it is a relief when things run reasonable smooth. Saturday afternoon I had to go directly from the tank filling to a company lunch close to Munzu stadium - at the shores of a mountain reservoir. I didn't have time to go home and get cleaned up, but at least I could join my colleagues for an hour or so.

Today, Sunday, started with an early morning mtb ride with Ingo followed by the above mentioned breakfast. Then it was time for Paula's car to get a little attention, so we brought it to the mechanic. We had planned to only pump up one of the tires, but ended up changing two tire valves, two wipers, filling oil and filling windshield spray water - all for less than US$ 25.